Capture All Serial Port Data with a Serial Port Monitor

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  • October 28, 2011

For any hardware or software developer who works with serial port devices or the software that uses them, a serial port monitor is an essential tool to have in the collection. Serial Monitor is one such solution, providing a full set of features in the form of a reliable and user-friendly software package without any additional hardware required to function. It provides the maximum product functionality that you need, ultimately allowing you to get your projects completed faster. It will save you a great deal of time when working with any data sent to or from serial ports and protocols.

The serial port monitor, once installed on your computer, will then capture all data transferred between the specified serial port and your computer, including any Windows application which is working with that port. Data captured will then be recorded, displayed, analyzed and written to a file which you can access at any time you want. Serial Monitor is an essential tool to have in the development of any serial port hardware or software such as drivers and any other applications which are designed to work with serial port devices. It makes coding, testing and optimization all the more effective and easier.

Serial Monitor is developed by professionals with years of experience in serial port devices and communications. They have designed this program to help save you time and improve the quality of your projects. Using the serial port monitor, you can improve the user experience of your hardware, drivers and other software by using Serial Monitor during production to thoroughly test and debug. Serial Monitor takes care of those monotonous and incredibly time consuming tasks of manually recording and analyzing data sent using serial protocols. Instead, you can focus on other areas of your projects and devote your skills to what you love doing.

The serial port monitor is used successfully for a wide range of purposes including, but not limited to, the following: analysis of data sent between a serial port and the computer, debugging of relevant hardware and software, development of drivers for serial port devices, development of any relevant software, research, reverse-engineering serial protocols, logging serial communications and much more. It’s an essential tool for software and hardware developers, testers, scientists, quality control personnel, students, IT support technicians and more to have in their collections. Although the USB protocol is more popular these days (HHD Software also makes USB Monitor), many devices such as network equipment and much more still use the serial port interface.

Serial Monitor is the ultimate serial port monitor for the best price, mostly due to the fact that it is entirely a software solution. There are also four editions to choose from, so you should have no difficulty in finding a version which is most suitable for your individual needs. Discover more about the serial port monitor and other products made by HHD Software over at . A direct download link to the trial version is also available for those who prefer to test the software before purchase.

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