What to Do If Your Data Is Compromised .

The best approach you can take upon hearing the news of a major data breach is to stay calm. There are immediate steps you can take if you think your personal data has been affected.

From determining if your information has been compromised to deciding whether you need to change your passwords or not, iolo technologies is here to walk you through a simple set of actions that could make the difference.

Determine if you were affected

If you were affected by a data breach, the company in question will contact you. Another common approach is for affected businesses to set up a web page where you can check to see if your data has been jeopardized.

In addition to determining if you were affected, it’s important to understand the severity of the breach. Not all of our data is valued in the same way by hackers. A leak of your name and address is mostly harmless. Email addresses, date of birth, and credit card information represent a more severe exposure. Social security numbers and online passwords are the holy grail of personal data to hackers.

Check all of your passwords at once

The easiest and best way to handle your password security is to use a password manager. Among many other features, ByePass password manager can check if any of your passwords have been leaked on to the internet or dark web.

Change your affected passwords

Though changing all of your passwords can be a hassle, it is essential once a data breach has occurred and you have confirmed you were affected. ByePass makes this a painless process by easily generating and storing your secure passwords for you. It also helps prevent dangerous password breaches by supporting two-factor authentication for your most sensitive data, like financial and email accounts.

Look out for phishing emails

If your email address was exposed, hackers may try to send you targeted emails. Do not open any attachments from unknown entities. Pay close attention to emails from your bank. Financial institutions will never ask you for your password or other sensitive information via email. If you see an email like this, forward it to your bank.

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