Repair and Manage Any Computer with [email protected] Data Studio .

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  • January 25, 2018

[email protected] Data Studio by LSoft Technologies is one of the industry-leading disk utility suites, providing a wide range of tools needed to diagnose and repair problems and carry out various low-level disk and data tasks. Whether your goal is to restore deleted data or lost partitions, securely erase data or troubleshoot a computer that won’t boot, this powerful set of applications provides all the features you need.

Independent Operating Environment

[email protected] Data Studio is the ultimate package of disk utility tools, since it includes all the products developed by LSoft Technologies. All tools may be run from the self-contained operating environment provided on a bootable external drive, optical disk or memory card. Once set up, you can run the software suite independently of your operating system, which also means you can use it even if the computer won’t boot or if you don’t even have a hard drive installed. This provides a great opportunity to carry out various important tasks, particularly when it comes to backup, maintenance and troubleshooting. No longer do you need to feel limited by the abilities of your everyday operating system!

Powerful Disk Sanitation Tools

Most people assume that emptying a recycle bin or formatting a drive is a completely final process whereby the data is gone for good. However, this is not the case, since the original data remains hidden on the drive until something else overwrites it. This can take months or even years, and there’s no guarantee of it ever happening at all. If you’re planning to donate or sell your computer, this could present a problem. After all, most of us store sensitive information on our computers, including login and password details for the numerous online accounts many of us use.

By booting up the computer with [email protected] Data Studio, you’ll be able to access [email protected] KillDisk 11, the latest version of LSoft’s industry-leading disk sanitation software. Additionally, the included disk editor and other tools can give you a complete visual and data-driven overview of your hard drives and other storage devices, so you know exactly where your data lives.

Effective Disaster Recovery

Every business and individual needs to have a robust data recovery system in place. Data loss is easily the most common computer-related complaint that people have. [email protected] Data Studio provides a critical final line of defense by letting you recover files on formatted drives or those which have been deleted from the recycle bin. There’s also a disk imaging tool that allows you to create a byte-by-byte copy of data on your drive, including your operating system, programs and personal files. This method helps minimize the risk of human error by ensuring all data is backed up, and nothing is forgotten about. You can then upload the disk image to the cloud for safekeeping.

[email protected] Data Studio is one of the most powerful and fully-featured disk utility solutions of its kind. Whether you’re a personal or corporate user, this set of tools will be invaluable for performing a wide range of important maintenance and repair tasks. Get started today by visiting

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