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  • Febbraio 23, 2019

While Windows is a rock-solid operating system providing a vast range of features, it lacks the flexibility to handle low-level data operations. To overcome these limitations, users wanting to recover deleted data, repair their computers or securely erase their drives are faced with many options. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t very convenient, especially if you need a different tool for every job. [email protected] Data Studio is LSoft’s ultimate disk utility tool, providing the means to back up and restore files, recover lost data, repair damaged machines and securely sanitize disks. To give users complete control over their drives and data, they can choose from a set of desktop applications or access all the features using an independent boot environment that operates in its own self-contained operating system.

Perform Data-Recovery Operations with Ease

Most people who use their computers for work or for other important tasks understand the importance of backing up data. However, things don’t always work out as intended. Sometimes, backup archives go missing. Drives can get formatted and files lost due to accident or malicious software. Either way, many people assume that, once the Recycle Bin has been emptied or the drive has been formatted, that any data stored within is gone for good. Fortunately, that’s not necessarily the case given that these operations do not make any modifications to the files themselves. Instead, they only alter the contents of the master file table (MFT), which serves as a huge database storing information about all the files and folders on the drive. Until the data is physically overwritten, however, it may be recovered.

[email protected] Data Studio provides the full range of data-recovery tools to get back lost files and partitions and recover deleted or damaged volumes.

Make a Complete Byte-by-Byte Backup of Your Data

While data-recovery solutions provide a last chance at getting back lost data, it’s always best to take a proactive approach. A backup and disaster recovery strategy will help ensure you’re ready for any unexpected problem like a hardware failure, malware attack or human error. There’s no better way to ensure that everything on your computer is safely backed up than by creating a complete image of the drive. [email protected] Data Studio provides the tools needed to back up everything on your drive and burn images to external media or other hard drives. The package also includes tools to monitor hard drive health, edit boot partitions, repair operating systems and much more.

Securely Erase Data

As you’ll see from using the data-recovery tools included in [email protected] Data Studio, it’s actually pretty easy to recover data from formatted drives or deleted partitions. If you’re selling or donating your PC, you probably don’t want that to happen, in which case you should use disk sanitation tools to physically overwrite the drive with zeros. [email protected] Data Studio comes with a tool to do exactly that while meeting 23 industry-recognized security standards.

[email protected] Data Studio version 14, launched in November 2018 sports the latest editions of all the core applications. The Boot Disk has also been upgraded to run WinPE 10 and offer more customization options. Get started today at

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