Repair, Diagnose and Optimize Hard Disks with [email protected] Data Studio .

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  • June 6, 2018

[email protected] Data Studio is a complete set of disk utilities for managing your hard drives and other storage devices. Providing you with everything you need to diagnose common problems, securely erase data, recover lost data and keep your files backed up, it functions as a fully self-contained operating environment. If you’re stuck with a computer that won’t boot, or you need to perform low-level tasks like data forensics or disk sanitation, this software suite provides everything you need. Since it works separately from anything installed on your computer, you can use it without any operating system installed, which also makes it invaluable for recovering lost or deleted system partitions or recovering from a severe malware attack or data breach. If you’re trying to recover data, the self-contained operating environment also ensures that the original data won’t be overwritten by the program.

Data Recovery Made Easy

Sometimes, you empty the recycle bin, delete a partition or format a storage device only to find out seconds too late that there was something important within. It’s happened to most of us but, contrary to popular belief, the situation probably isn’t nearly as serious as you might think. That’s because, for some time after accidental deletion, data is actually fully recoverable. That’s because the files remain hidden on the drive until something else overwrites them. Since the disk space is marked as available, that can happen at any time. However, the tools included with [email protected] Data Studio exploit this opportunity by searching for recoverable files and, in most cases, allowing you to retrieve them intact, particularly if you act quickly.

Protect Your Data with Secure Data Erasure

While it comes as a surprise to many that it’s possible to recover deleted data, the consequence of this is also the fact that anyone else can obtain access to your deleted data on formatted partitions. If you’re selling or donating your computer, that might present a serious security problem, particularly if your device contains sensitive information as most do. The tools provided with [email protected] Data Studio also allow you to securely erase data so that it will never be recovered simply by overwriting it in multiple passes to destroy the original data. Other security tools includes are the password-changing utility and a low-level disk editor that allows you to manually edit individual sectors on the disk.

Backup and Restore Included

As the ultimate set of disk utilities, [email protected] Data Studio also includes tools for automatically backing up and restoring your files by creating complete disk images that ensure nothing gets forgotten about. There’s simply no better way to back up the entire contents of your computer, including all your documents, programs and even the operating system itself. Other tools for backup, diagnosis and troubleshooting include a BCD editor, boot disk creator and disk-monitoring tool. The latest version ships with all the most recent versions of Disk Image, File Recovery, Undelete, Partition Recovery and Password Changer. Furthermore, the boot disk has been upgraded to the latest version of WinPE to provide the most recent utilities and everyday apps, including a notepad, calculator, web browser and document viewer. Learn more at

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