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  • January 15, 2016

When your computer fails to boot, you will either need to reinstall Windows or try to use the system repair function. If the latter fails, then you have no choice but to perform a fresh installation of your operating system, a process that typically involves removing all of your personal files. Fortunately, [email protected] Data Studio (Live CD) makes the task of troubleshooting your computer as well as carrying out various other common tasks much easier. This powerful set of tools comes in the form of a completely independent operating environment that works separately from your operating system. In fact, you can even use it if your computer does not currently have any operating system installed. Booting into the GUI is a quick and easy process once you have created a bootable CD. It provides a user-friendly set of controls and functions that will be instantly familiar to anyone who uses Windows. Additionally, it offers a full range of useful tools for troubleshooting, restoring deleted or damaged data, securely deleting data or backing up your important files.

Powerful Data Recovery Solution

Not only is [email protected] Data Studio (Live CD) an excellent tool for troubleshooting problematic operating system installations; it’s also a powerful data recovery tool it its own right. As one of the leading solutions for recovering lost data, the included [email protected] Partition Recovery and [email protected] UNDELETE allow you to get back lost data. Even data that has been removed from the Recycle Bin remains hidden on the hard disk or other storage media until something overwrites it. Sometimes, it is even possible to recover data, particularly in the form of smaller files, that were deleted months ago. Since the tools work independently from the operating system and primary hard drive, there is no further risk to your deleted data until it can be recovered.

[email protected] Data Studio (Live CD) is the ultimate multi-tool for your computer. It provides a range of powerful features to improve performance, such as a disk defragmenter that is far more effective than the basic one included in Windows. Another tool includes a boot disk creator with a built-in software update module. You’ll also be able to configure the firewall for improved security, while more advanced users can create and edit scripts and WMI files all without having to rely on operating system-dependent software.

This all-in-one solution and its impressive range of components is easy to use, and creating a bootable disk takes very little time. To protect your files, you can password-protect the disks and even customize your network settings allowing you to connect to the Internet from the self-contained booting environment. Other useful features include the file manager, disk-burning utility and a range of backup options.

Developer LSoft prides itself on its excellent track record of creating some of the most advanced and reliable data recovery and backup solutions on the market. Whether your computer refuses to boot, or you need to recover or back up data, [email protected] Data Studio provides everything you need. Learn more at .

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