Recover My Files Data Recovery Software

Recover My Files version 4 is a new release by GetData Software ( of their award winning data recovery software.

Recover My Files ( is designed as do it yourself data recovery software for computers, laptops, digital still and video cameras, iPods and MP3 players. Recover My Files can save home and business users by recovering deleted files lost through deletion, accidental format, power surges, viruses, human error or software glitches.

One of the major draw cards to this software is the ability for users to download the software from and run it in evaluation mode. The full preview of documents and photos provides potential customers with certainty that their files have been located and can be saved once an activation key is purchased.

This new version of Recover My Files has a simplified interface which is divided into two search modules, “Recover Files” and “Recover Drive”.

* Recover Files will recover deleted files and includes support for more than 300 specific file types based on recognition of file type headers;

* Recover Drive is for formatted drives, corrupt, missing, RAW or damaged drive letters. It will quickly identify and display an entire missing file system with full file and folder structure.

At less than USD $70, Recover My Files is an effective tool for any PC user trying to recover from data loss and trying to avoid the expense of a data recovery service.

New benefits in Recover My Files v4 include;

* a new partition recovery algorithm, to bring back formatted drives, missing drive letters, and deleted partitions with full file and folder structure;

* a streamlined interface with simple modules to “Recover Files” or “Recover Drives”;

* the ability to save and reload data recovery search results at a later time;

* Improved file saving, both to hard drive and directly to CD or DVD;

* CD/DVD, MAC and RAID recovery for professional data recovery software users;

and faster preview of documents and photos so that users can confirm that their data has been recovered prior to the purchase of an activation key.

Download and try Recover My Files now from

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