Getting Married in Italy is Just as Possible as your Dreams can come true

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  • Luglio 20, 2011

Many a times people dream of having their wedding in exotic lands. Be it on a beach, a mountain villa or extravagant locations, Italy seems to be gathering that variety in a single country. That’s why Wedding’s International is a wedding planner organization with offices in Manhattan and Florence, Italy.
Their mission? Make your wedding come true. A great variety of examples has come to place from couples from all over the world. People from teh Nederlands, germany, the US and Italy have pronounced “I do” at different locations.
Some have chosen the Venetian canals with the Gondolieri to get married and get a view of the city the romantic interior of a gondola. Others have chosen Tuscan villas with a mixture of new and old, and a view of the wine country.
The good part about a wedding planner is that they are already trained to take care of the smallest detail about a wedding. From the wedding dress, to the wedding cake, getting your guests safely to their destination and get their hotel reservations ready. Which leads us to our next issue: how many people would you invite, and more imporantely, how many of those people will be able to take a few days off and join you on your important ceremony overseas? Although this is a particular issue to each guest, Weddings International works out the exact logistics to acomodate the participants.
This region is filled with wine countries and their respective villas, enticing visitors to go horse back riding and visit the extent areas filled with the little vines. Moreover, there are also fun and exciting wine tastings that can include your guests. Normally, couples and guests visit for a week long. Being that they’ve come from far away, they would like to visit and generally treat the wedding as an occasion for a holiday or extended vacation.
The ceremony is completely legalized by Italian and International authorities. Should you choose to have a religious ceremony, you should let the planners know in advance so they can locate the respective pastor, priest, rabi or your religion´s respective official in order to bring him in location to perform the ceremony.
Ther are countless age old castles in Venice. Castles that go all the way back to Giacomo Casanova. Original furnishings are still in place. Could you imagine getting married and at the same time you could time travel back to the Renaissance where amazing historical geniuses and characters?
After or during your ceremony, you could take a tour of the city in a Gondola. Special marriage gondolas are painted white as opposed to the general black ones. These calm waters wil guide you to historical places, many of which have been part Venice’s traditional masked carnival.
Carnival time is mind blowing. This event is centuries old in which the craftsmanship is unmatchable. Dresses full of color, different masks, dancing and general celebrations are done throughout the city.
The Italian capital has a lot to offer. You can get married in one of Rome’s hundreds of churches which some go as far back as the conversion of Constantine.
Now that you know the options, there is nothing stopping you but your imagination. Do you know anyone that has gotten married in Italy? Ask them just how wonderful their experience was. It might help you out on your decision.

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