Burn 20 hours of video to a Standard DVD with free video converter

The problem of data storage is universal, especially regarding images, music, and movies. One solution is dual-layer DVD discs, which are capable of backing up 8.5 GB of any data. But how many hours of video can be burned to DVD-DL?

Disc manufacturers promise that you can record up to four hours of high-quality DVD video or sixteen hours of VHS quality video. That will cost you only $1.7 per disc. That’s not bad. But there is an even better solution – one that allows you to burn up to 20 hours of DVD using only a standard DVD disc and one free video converter. It is called Freemake Video Converter.

Unlike other software (both free and paid), this program doesn’t have a two-hour limit. It will allow you to record up to 20 hours of video to a standard DVD disc. Granted, the quality won’t be high-definition, but it will be quite watchable.

To burn several movies (in any video format), choose the option “DVD” and follow the program wizard. You can apply different DVD menu styles-thumbnail, motion or text menu-and assemble all videos into one file. Moreover, the free video converter will tell you if it is possible to write a high-quality DVD judging by the duration of input files, and will verify the accuracy of a written disc. Rest assured that the program will precisely detect your CD/DVD recording drive and write a disc at top speed.

You can also burn DVD holding your favorite photos, music, and video clips using Freemake Video Converter without security risk. Freemake software is safe from malicious software. It is a real find for people who don’t want to spend much money, time and effort to cope with the task of burning many hours of footage. Try this program and see for yourself.

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