How Article Writing Makes Easy Money

If you consider yourself an ordinary guy next door with the ability to string a few words together and make sense out of them then you probably have what it takes to make some extra revenue by writing articles online, especially today when content creation is in high demand. Webmasters everywhere are looking for relevant, unique content to use and if you can supply that, you can make profit.
I have engaged a freelance writer for my one of my content creation project not long ago. I paid $50 for 10 articles on a specific subject. That means I paid 5 dollars per article and that writer easily earn slightly more than 90% of what I have paid. Keep that number coming and add some to it that is going to be quite a good figure for extra income. With a bit of an effort, it could grow to the level that can replace other people monthly salary.
The question is: How to do it?
Nowadays, buying stuff online has become a norm. Billions dollars worth of transaction took place daily. How people buy things online? They use the search engines and type in the phrase of what they are looking for. These phrases are known as ‘keywords’. Search engines in return will display to the searchers what they are looking for, and these search results are kept relevant to the search.
Relevancy is delivered by the content on web pages. The search engines ‘bots’ crawl these pages and with complex algorithm, determine which page is the most relevant to the query. If you have not notice already, this is where content creation plays it vital role. As an article writer, all you need to do is to figure out a profitable market, and determine what the people in that particular market are looking for. Then you create relevant content and pitch it to the players.
What you are doing here is essentially serve the market players not the market which leaves minimal upkeep on your part.
To be honest, this method is not for every living soul who can string two words together. It takes more than that to create extra income and even more to replace current income. But what many ordinary folks have proven that it is possible. It involves groundwork and constant action but with perseverance, you will see the result of your labor.
If you find that writing satisfy you and you were looking for ways to profit from it then writing article to be used as content for webmasters is something worth to look into. It is not a guaranteed way to make a fortune overnight but with proper planning and continuously taking action towards that will pay handsomely in the end.

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