Copywriting Tips – Copywriting For The Newbie

It’s a bold step you have taken, to establish a new career in a copywriting agency. Or to reach the end of a particular road that may not have a precipitous ending at all! In fact, it could be that you are in for a merry ride down a career path bringing fulfillment and a very good income. But there are some things which you must get abundantly clear, however you do it.
First point. Do not get all hung up on your talents as writer. They may be abundant. They may be spectacular. No matter. It is not about you. You are the servant to the real people who are paying the piper to play the tune, with you as the piper. Copypiper if you like. But enough on that score. Let us move on.
You hardly know how you are going to make it yet. With no clients, little experience and lack of a portfolio, what are you going to do? May I suggest nothing? Why? Because all that will come with hard graft. If you believe in yourself enough it may happen, IF you have the requisite skill to kick the whole thing off.
If not, it’s a poor show, and go and do truck driving or something that you know about. Something that doesn’t require any real talent. You know who you are, and how you are placed in the writing firmament. Best words? Are you good enough. Get you friends to tell you, don’t just ask your ma or your wife. You will get encouragement from them, but not a true picture.
No. The best thing to do is to get on the blower. Start making hundreds of calls and tell people that you are an experienced copywriter. Because you are, even though you have not done it for money yet. You have done it for other reasons. To get started. To get established. To get on that first rung that tells you that yes, you are indeed worthy of writing and getting paid.
But paid to write what? Not what you want. Not how you want. It is the client who must be in your vision all the time. The audience. WHO you are writing for. The purpose. WHY you are writing. The tone. HOW you are writing. Get it all clear, and go do it. Get it under you belt. Become that next Robert Bly, or build your copywriting agency yourself, with the best words you can write.
So go do it and go do it now. You are the one who knows when and how these things will happen for you. It is not for you to consider all of these things. Getting onto the first rung takes a bit of bottle. There is no denying it. So who do you call?
Do not think that you can’t do the work for the biggies. You can. In fact, it is easier in some ways. Because they know what to expect. They have worked with writers before. They know what they are looking for and if it is you. then well and good. No time like the present. Give it a go.
The smaller people should not be overlooked either. They are and can be bread and butter clients for you. So attend start up shows and talk to friends who know people who are just starting out. They will be the ones to refer you as a growing copywriting agency to anywhere and everywhere. Before you know it you will be churning out the best words for their business. This is often the way it runs. Before you know it, there it is. A career. Voila. And you have created it yourself, by the sweat of your brow. Well done!
That’s all for now. Except to remind you that there is no one way of deciding the best or clearest way to get to the top of all the markup language that may or may not be what you are trying to contend with. Only you will know, eh.
Until next time, I remain your copywriting agency’s biggest fan.

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