Frantoio Bonamini, agreement with COOP

Verona, February, 2018 – The market, which let the biggest part of the costumers know about the Italian olive oil production’s excellence, is the Mass Market Retailer: Frantoio Bonamini knows this very well; after the previous partnerships with Iper and Esselunga, which took place back in 2017, now it is increasing his presence in this market stipulating an agreement with Coop. The world-winning extravirgin olive oil “Veneto Valpolicella D.O.P.”, which is the best between the company’s range, is going to be on the shelves of Coop’s stores – first in Lombardia and Liguria, then in all stores in Italy – in 0,50L format. Perfect choice to guide the costumers to more informed choices, orientated to quality and the use of excellence products.
During this hard time, because in Italy there’s been a decrease of the use of extravirgin olive oil of 14%, too many times the costumers look at the price and, after that, decide which oil to buy. The decision of Frantoio Bonamini of expanding its presence in this market it is a very clear sign of the will of the company to spread the culture of the extravirgin olive oil: a product so precious, which is not only a condiment but a truly healthy food. The history of Frantoio Bonamini is 100% about the Italian’s quality: plantation, harvest and production happen trough modern technologies, which are completely compatibles with the environment and the raw materials; with 6500 olive trees in the hills of Val d’Illasi.
“We are very proud about this new opening towards the national overview” explains Giancarlo Bonamini, owner of the company. “Our reality add value to the deep bound with its motherland and, because of that, it wants to make itself mouthpiece of the traditional values tied to our production. The distribution of our Veneto Valpolicella D.O.P. is, for us, a way to be ambassador of the quality of extravirgin olive oil”.
Frantoio Bonamini s.r.l. Loc. S. Giustina, 9A Illasi (VR) – Italy [email protected] P. +39 045 6520558
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