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Four common smoky eye techniques

The first practical type

1. Apply light eye shadow to large scope on eyelid, step is to touch eye shadow first, do gradually by eyelash place upward again layer draw a law.

2. Reuse brunet eye shadow to change repeatedly on eyelid, the range that changes brunet eye shadow to want to narrow nevertheless, accomplish the 1/2 place of eyebrow and eyelash can, want to have gradually layer feeling equally.

3. Apply a little more eyeliner, preferably a little more, to show off the strength of your eye makeup.

4. Brush your eyelashes thick and curly.

5. Apply a light blush.

Add a light lipstick or lip gloss.

7. Smoky eye is done!

The second kind of exaggerated stage

Accustomed to the stage version of the smoky eye makeup, you may be surprised by the model exaggerated eye makeup, in fact, the smoky eye makeup will make the eyes look more bright, vivid, on the stage is more exaggerated effect.

Color: give priority to with black, gray, but also may appear the color such as red, fresh orange, deep coffee, metallic ash.

Key: along with eye shape, draw the eye as far as possible narrow and long feeling, radian is very obvious, pull back in eye end, can pull the place of temple even, and part of eye end wants to change very heavy color, the feeling is very heavy color block.


1. Use a crayon eye marker directly above and below your eye, along the root of your lashes, to frame shapes and deepen colors.

2. Use dark kohl to blur upwards to show the feeling of a dark light color, leaving white but not shining underneath the eyebrow bone.

How to collocation → labial ministry wants light, usually with pink tone or natural color of skin tone is given priority to, even put on the skin to protect lip balm Yi Ke only; The cheek red draw law that comes from the stage this year, it is to brush earth color cheek red is in the sunken place below zygomatic bone, have line feeling more.

The third practical OL type

Popular small smoky makeup this year, do not represent an area certainly small or color is downy, just be on painting method with stage version of smoky makeup not very identical, want the person that the eye is apart from not too close only, can draw popular small smoky.

Eye makeup to create the appearance of a metropolitan female office worker.

Color: earth color is given priority to, especially green and coffee are the most popular.

Key: Smoky make up the biggest difference this year, depend on in the past be close to eyebrow, this year’s range limits the position of double eyelid, do not exceed the position of 1/2 ~ 2/3, and do not draw line of next look.


1. Start with a light eye shadow (e.g. beige) over the entire eyelid.

2. Apply earthy or vanilla yellow eye shadow to your eye sockets.

3. Make dark kohl a little thicker, like eyeliner, then puff it up and let the color connect with the khaki.

4. For a more stylish look, strengthen the eye and nose shadows, and lighten the brow bone with a special color such as light purple.

How to match – must match smooth, pink, flawless base makeup (concealer is very important); Eyebrows should be painted a bit lighter, too deep eyebrow color can make features look very fierce, golden coffee is the best choice absolutely; Emphasize the upper part of your eye shadow as much as possible, so keep your lashes as clean as possible.

In addition, cheek red does not choose the color of lovely model and painting method, want to compare skin color slightly darker two degrees (pink bean paste color), and the picture is in the depression of zygomatic lower part (it is to hit on zygomatic commonly), the cheek that hits inclined long type is red; As for lips, because the smoky eye is used for powder mist texture eye shadow, in order not to the whole face is lifeless, the lips had better use the lip gloss that looks water bright, but does not have greasy texture or water bright lipstick.

There are two other kinds that foreign artists often use

Light smoky Easy Steps represents the artist Hilary

● Before starting to draw on the smoky eye, be sure to pay attention to the overall makeup look fresh and clean, first with perfect foundation cream foundation, and then light sense foundation liquid on the face to produce light refraction particles.

Step1 is brushed with pale aureate first with eye shadow full whole eye socket.

Step2 then brush with coffee in eyelid 1/2 place, brush back by the center light, brush afresh from eye head again.

Step3 then choose the brown green that autumn winter is popular to brush on palpebral bottom, brush next palpebral again next, brush pale forward by hind.

Step4 is described with pen of black look line, but a little more thick.

Step5 change coffee to brush next eyelid to deepen outline, wipe with big sponge redundant powder.

Step6 reinforces eye end with brown green again, pull upward. And eyelash clip becomes warped hind brush gives a root clear feeling, repeat about 7 ~ 8 times.

Step7 labial ministry does one’s best transparent moist feeling, protect labial cream to let labial color fade with make the bottom first, let labial ministry show pearl burnish, add transparent labial honey rich embellish labial ministry.

Step8 use new color repair countenance, new brush a law to brush around the face, make T word place more solid.

Smoky mist Easy Steps represent the artist is Avril Lavigne

Step1 hit in eyebrow bone place with silvery white first, foil stereo eyebrow model.

Step2 Select light brown color to brush the eye socket, and create a contrast of warm and cold colors with Step1.

Step3 brush on eyelid with silvery gray 1/2 place, apply temperature of the abdomen to rub the color again, dizzy catch the effect more awesome.

Step4 use dark gray black by eye head color, aggravate fumigate the effect.

Step5 reoccupy snow aureate eye head part hits bright, next eyelid uses dark grey black to push forward by hind, make eye socket smoky makeup becomes “C” font, flue echo. The secret is to gradually deepen the end of the eye, the effect is better!

Step6 Select the contouring cake, brush the color from the temple down at an Angle of 45 degrees, and the effect of the small face is immediately visible. The underside of the eye bag should be kept as clean as possible, and the brightness of the eye head should be supplemented at the end.

The lipstick of Step7 Ai Weier leans big red all along, this is some heavier to smoky makeup for color, if be afraid of too red word, might as well add transparent lip honey, the feeling is younger also and suit Oriental.Read more at:red formal dresses | white formal dresses australia

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