Maintenance Management – Made Easier!

Maintenance Management – Made Easier!

Putting together an effective maintenance plan that blends together planned/ preventive maintenance as well as handles unplanned/ breakdown maintenance can be quite difficult. Equipment breakdowns & maintenance emergencies are usually very expensive to fix plus result in substantial revenue loss due to loss of use of equipment/ facilities (downtime). A proactive planned maintenance program can be very effective in reducing such unplanned breakdowns. Unfortunately, this can be hard to set up as most maintenance programs have grown organically and maintenance teams frequently find themselves locked into continuous “fire-fighting” and doing mainly breakdown maintenance.

A good maintenance management software program (CMMS software) can help to break this vicious cycle so that you can gradually move from such unplanned/ emergency maintenance to planned and proactive maintenance. A good maintenance management program can help you:

  • manage planned (preventive) & unplanned (breakdown) maintenance
  • help you schedule maintenance activities and identify missed work
  • identify and classify best maintenance practices
  • help you reduce costs of maintenance operations
  • save time creating work orders by helping you create reusable work order templates for different maintenance jobs
  • analyze work done, identify problem areas and make improvements in your maintenance plan

Identifying & setting up the maintenance program database can take some up-front time. However, the long term benefits can be substantial. Organizations normally see a downward trend in equipment breakdowns & spare parts usage once the software is used regularly. A payback/ return of investment (ROI) of less than a year is
not uncommon (How to calculate return on investment/ payback period of maintenance management software).

Some features of a good maintenance management software program (CMMS software):

  • Handles maintenance of not only equipment but facilities & vehicles
  • Manages unplanned (breakdown) as well as planned (preventive) maintenance in one interface
  • Schedule planned (preventative) maintenance by a variety of ways e.g. meter readings, dates, alarm conditions, completion of other maintenance, etc.
  • Ability to insert pictures and detailed instructions on work orders to help technicians perform maintenance jobs correctly
  • Track parts used and inventory availability to reduce out of stock situations
  • Track preventive & unplanned maintenance costs on different equipment & facilities
  • Easily review maintenance work done, identify work that was missed
  • Provides a wide variety of reports that can be customized
  • Helps manage work request processing from external users

If you are interested in trying out a maintenance management program you can download a free, no obligation 30-day trial of FastMaint CMMS Maintenance Management Software program from

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