Newer and Better Data Recovery: Magic Uneraser 3.0

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  • May 18, 2010

Competition in the consumer data recovery segment remains fierce. In order to survive in this saturated market, one has to offer a competitive product. In order to succeed, the product has to be regularly maintained to stay on top of the competition.

Recover deleted files with Magic Uneraser
East Imperial Soft, a major player in the data recovery area, has recently updated its flagship file recovery product, Magic Uneraser, to version 3.0. The latest edition of this award-winning data recovery tool incorporates improves numerous usability improvements, with a major update including a number of step-by-step wizards to take care of every user’s need. Functional enhancements include updates that make data recovery even safer by allowing users to work with virtual disk images instead of physical hard drives. In addition, the new release of Magic Uneraser allows recovered files to be burned onto a CD/DVD or stored on a network location over the FTP protocol.

Last but not least, Windows Vista/7-compatible Magic Uneraser 3.0 fully supports the recovery of NTFS-compressed files.

Magic Uneraser is a truly universal data recovery and file undelete tool. It helps new and experienced computer users to get back deleted files and restore information lost after a system accident. Recognizing a variety of storage media types, Magic Uneraser makes it possible to recover information from working, damaged, and even inaccessible hard drives, flash memory cards and USB sticks. Sophisticated data recovery algorithms allow Magic Uneraser locating and successfully recovering files from formatted, corrupted and repartitioned disks.

There are lots of new things added to version 3. The latest release of Magic Uneraser features an all-new user interface, which is now based on guided wizards. Wizards are fast and convenient, allowing new and experienced computer users to recover lost information safely and efficiently. A new step-by-step wizard is added to guide users through the entire process of data recovery. Hints and tips stored in the guided wizards help users to choose the right disk or storage device to recover deleted files from, locate missing data, and select the most appropriate course of action for recovering the most data in the shortest time possible. New to Magic Uneraser 3.0 is the ability to sore files being recovered onto a CD or DVD media, uploading them over FTP, or packing them into a standard ISO image.

Safety is everything when it comes to data that’s been already lost or damaged. Magic Uneraser greatly improves safety of the data recovery operations by adding the ability to create and use virtual disk images. Disk images allow users to recover missing information from a virtual disk image instead of accessing the possibly damaged actual storage device. By using virtual disk images, users can try multiple data recovery strategies without the risk of causing irreversible damage to the original storage device.

Magic Uneraser 3.0 is available as a downloadable evaluation version. Get your copy at

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