Magic Uneraser Gets Faster and Better

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  • January 28, 2011

With tight competition in the saturated data recovery market, one has to offer something to edge competition. Something new, something unique, something that no others have – even if only for a little while.

East Imperial Soft treats its users with an updated version of its award-winning file recovery software, Magic Uneraser. The version number changed from 3.0 to 3.1, but the perceivably modest update in fact offers a major performance boost over the version it replaces. The new release makes use of a vastly improved disk analysis algorithm, providing a major increase in data recovery speeds. With version 3.1, the recovery speed is no longer bottlenecked at software level. Instead, it’s only limited by disk read speeds.

How fast exactly is “fast”? Just saying it’s faster than anything on the market does not really tell much. The updated Magic Uneraser is fast to the point it’s hard to distinguish between its work and regular browsing with Windows Explorer. It was precisely this bear-instant performance that made it possible to employ Explorer-like user interface in the new release. The new GUI will open a deleted folder in about the same time as Windows Explorer browses your disk. The newly designed user interface greatly simplifies the already streamlined process of accessing deleted data. By offering the convenient, Windows Explorer-like view, Magic Uneraser appeals to an even greater audience than ever before.

Magic Uneraser makes recovering deleted files and folders as quick and simple as browsing the disk with Windows Explorer. Supporting healthy, formatted and corrupted disks, Magic Uneraser recognizes all types of magnetic and solid-state storage media including hard disks, memory cards and USB flash drives. Sophisticated data recovery algorithms used in Magic Uneraser open the possibility of recovering information from severely damaged and otherwise inaccessible media.

The new release edges the competition, making Magic Uneraser the fastest data recovery product on the market. New and improved disk analysis algorithms offer near real-time performance in accessing deleted files and folders. Opening a disk or folder full of deleted files now takes seconds instead of minutes.

In version 3.1, East Imperial Soft adds an extra feature to the already well specced Magic Uneraser. The new release can now access alternative NTFS data streams, making this hidden information available to end users for viewing and recovering. In addition, file attributes and MFT records can now be saved.

Magic Uneraser 3.1 comes with full pre-recovery preview, making it possible to estimate your chances of successful recovery of a particular file or set of files. The preview is available in both the full product and the downloadable evaluation version. Download your free evaluation copy at

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