What You Should Look For When Hiring A Freelance Writer

The market of available freelance writers is vast, though the jobs may be few. When posting an ad for a freelance writer or making a job available via freelance writing auction sites, the number of responses may be overwhelming. Selecting a single writer from the many available can be a daunting task, one that should be done correctly the first time in order to avoid having to redo the entire process. If you are looking for a freelance writer, knowing what to look for can help you shorten the search and find someone with whom you are well satisfied.
By evaluating your responses based on a few simple criteria, you can quickly pare down your pool of prospective freelance writers. First, decide whether or not the individual is professional. Is his communication business-like or does he seem young and inexperienced? Next, determine whether or not he meets your criteria (and whether he is even aware of it). Those who respond briefly without taking the time to highlight their credentials are not serious prospects and will probably not take your job seriously either. The final of the basic evaluation points is whether or not the individual is able to write well. A freelancer’s response to your ad may not be the best showcase of his talent, but it will at least provide you with the assurance that they possess basic writing skills. You may be surprised at how many people responding to freelance writing ads are incapable of avoiding simple spelling and grammatical errors. These are not the writers you want to hire.
After narrowing down your pool of applicants to those who are qualified and capable of completing the task, you can begin to evaluate each candidate on more specific criteria. A freelance writer’s experience is a key point not to be overlooked. While some writers who are new to the field may be just as capable as those seasoned veterans, it is essential to know that the person you are hiring is capable of completing the job. If your job requires keyword or web content writing, be sure your prospective writers are equipped with those skills. Whether or not the writer is experienced, it never hurts to ask for samples and references. Samples of previous writing will allow you to assess all aspects of the person’s work, from the writing itself to its presentation and how well it kept your interest. References are also a valuable means of finding out how professional a writer is and whether or not his previous clients would hire him again.
Next, consider the writer himself. Does the individual seem interested in the content of your job? There will be a large difference in the quality of work between someone who is interested in the project and someone who only cares about getting paid. Also, it is important to find a freelance writer who has good ethics and morals, not someone who copies text and passes it off as his own work. A good freelance writer will produce quality, original material and will not need to resort to plagiarism. Finally, determine whether the individual applying for your job respects you. When working with a freelance writer, it is important that he respects both you and the job itself. He must be willing to take suggestions and work with you in order to complete the job as assigned.
While it can be a lengthy process, it is imperative to take the time to evaluate a number of candidates in order to find a good freelance writer. By knowing your own criteria and how well each prospective writer fits your needs, in addition to evaluating them on a few other points, you can be assured that the writer you select will leave you satisfied once the job is complete. If, however, the writer you select does not end up being a perfect match, you are free to re-enter the market equipped with these tips to help you find the perfect writer for your job.

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