Transgender Television Pilot “Myrna” Beginning Crowdfunding Campaign

Less Is a bit more Productions launches a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds for an r
original dramedy television pilot, Myrna, which follows a transsexual as she confronts her true gender identity and helps to make r
the transition from male to female.

L . a ., CA — August 13, 2012 — The creative team at Less is a lot more Productions has r
launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding initiative because of their upcoming premium original dramedy pilot, “Myrna.” Running r
from August 10, 2012 through September 8, 2012, their Kickstarter drive intends to raise $20,000. These funds will be used to build a half hour pilot for distribution inside growing cable and premium r
serial market.

Inspired through the real life experiences of this much anticipated project’s star and writer, Marlo r
Bernier, formally Mark Bernier (Angels in the us, Cecil B DeMented), this 30 minutes r
dramedy speaks with a voice yet to be shown on television, but has the capacity to show the r
universal nature from the human experience. Bernier affirms, “with ‘Myrna’ we’re seeking to elevate the public’s understanding on the oft times misconstrued topic of transsexualism – it is time we stop depicting really the only image of gender identity people in popular media to relegated to the peripheries of society such as drug addicts and prostitutes.” Myrna shows life day by day for a transgender woman you might say few other works have dared to perform. Producer Matt Olson explains, “You doesn’t have to be a mobster to enjoy The Sopranos (exactly the same) you don’t need to be transgender to savor Myrna.”

After a successful career before the camera and on the stage, Myrna r
sacrificed everything when she finally confronted her true gender identity and transitioned from male-to-female. The project follows Myrna (Marlo Bernier) r
as she struggles to locate work as an actress and works with her friends’ reactions r
because they together come to terms with her life-altering decision. Director, Ted Campbell asserts, “’Myrna’ is going to r
be as provocative as it is touching. It is a story about a human being with all the same good and bad in life, all the same faults and strengths within everyone. She just happens to be tranny.”

“’Myrna’ teaches us all,” observes Producer Jennifer Fontaine, “that we now have the ability, every second we have been alive, to make a profound and meaningful change in the way we live our way of life.” Myrna marks the fourth collaboration for Marlo Bernier, Jennifer Fontaine and Ted Campbell whose r
previous projects, Stealth (2009), Snuff (2012), and Finding John Smith (2012) have garnered critical acclaim for their unique and relate-r
able narratives on complex and controversial subjects. As a possible additional means of fundraising a number of these previous works is going to be screening with the filmmakers r
attending at some of the crews’ favorite venues within the Los Angeles area.

Beyond the development of a pilot, Less is More will also be r
producing and re-releasing previous works of Marlo Bernier such as a podcast of her one woman show “At Least I’ll Own A r
Dress”. These is going to be made available episodically throughout the fundraising drive to r
offer the donors and fans a taste of her unique voice and worldview.

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