How To Keep Customers Reading Every Word Of Copy With Connectors

If you haven’t seen the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight, you’re missing out. The performances are rock solid. It’s well directed. And extremely well written. In the opening sequence there’s an excellent visual example of what’s known as a connector in the copywriting world. 
What’s a connector?
Well, back up a bit because you just saw one. Notice how the last sentence of the last paragraph mentions a connector. Then the sub-head picks up that idea and then leads you to the next paragraph. 
Whether you’ve planned to or not, you’re already reading the fourth paragraph of this article. Pretty cool, huh? Now just think, what would happen if your copy moves your customer along just like this? 
But wait, let’s get back to the movie first…
The movie sequence starts in an office building. A couple of goons wearing clown masks make their way from the building to a neighboring rooftop. On ground level, three other goons are in a car, two are talking about the guy who hired them for this ‘job.’ 
Goon 1 says to goon 2, “I know why they call him The Joker.” Then we move back to the top of a roof where the two goons are now breaking into the building.
Goon 3 picks up the conversation and says to goon 4, “So why do they call him the joker?” Next thing you know the action and dialogue has taken us right into the middle of a bank heist. 
We’ve seamlessly been moved along and deeper into the world of the movie
From an office building, to a rooftop, to the inside of a car, and then into a bank. Just by linking the shots and dialogue, we’re set on the filmmaker’s journey.
It’s the same type of journey you want to create for your customers
Once they start reading, you take them exactly where you want them to go. They start with your headline, move to the sub-head. Then from the first word to the next. Paragraph to paragraph.
Next thing they know they’ve read all your copy and they’re signing up for your offer or clicking on the buy now button. And connectors work in all your writing. Whether it be an email, article or sales letter. 
But are connectors really that important?
Let’s answer that question, with a question. Have you ever started reading an article but then just stopped? Connectors help you make sure the reader doesn’t stop. Customers are compelled to keep reading.
And we know what happens when customers keep reading…
You get a chance to educate about your product or service. And the more your customers know, the easier it is to get them on board with your idea. So remember, connectors keep your customer moving through your copy. Bringing them to the destination you’ve decided. 
Here’s what you can do now
Review your email, article, or sales letter. Look to see how you can link one paragraph to the next. Then notice how much easier it is to read. Without much effort at all, you just might find The Dark Knight has save the day, again! And if you’re still wondering why they call him The Joker? Don’t rent, buy the movie. You’ll want to watch it more than once.

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