How To Write Persuasive Sales Copy – 3 Tips

Learning how to write persuasive sales copy is an invaluable skill you need to master when marketing on the internet. Your sales copy is what you will use to convert ‘browsers’ into ‘buyers’ and without this ability to do so you are wasting your time online.
You will find by looking around that the internet offers many courses and writing strategies from which to choose concerning this topic. Writing effective sales copy however ultimately boils down to hitting the right emotional triggers of the reader and in the right sequence. When done correctly this is when you make the sale.
Here are the 3 ‘trigger points’ you will want to focus on as a copywriter when attempting to persuade your readers into becoming buying customers.
Get Readers’ Attention
The very first thing you will need to do is to capture the attention of your readers. The headline you use should ‘trigger’ something in the mind of the reader to compel them to read further. Since the reader responded to an ad you wrote you already know what ‘motivates’ them or what they are looking for.
Your intent should be to ‘build’ off the ad that brought them to the page in the first place. Using words or phrases that arouse their curiosity even further in your headline is the best bet to keep them reading.
Spark an Interest
Once a reader reaches the content of your sales copy you need to immediately begin speaking to their wants, needs or problems. You want to show them how you relate to what they are feeling. At this point you now have their interest because they feel they are ‘speaking’ with someone who understands them.
Writing strategies like this are successful because they subtly draw the reader deeper into the content as they also begin to influence how the reader reacts.
Build a Desire
You now need to ‘transition’ over to how the readers’ needs can be met and elaborate on the feelings they will experience once their desires are fulfilled. You want your readers to imagine and even focus on the emotional state of bliss they will be in once their problem or dilemma is solved. When this is accomplished is when you ‘present’ them with your solution!
Of course at this point you need a call to action to feed and fulfill the desire your copy has built up within the reader. Here is where you ask for the sale!
Learning how to write persuasive sales copy is something you can do by simply focusing on the emotional needs of your reader. As a copywriter you will want to address the needs of the reader and then offer your solution. After reviewing the benefits they will receive by using your solution your reader will likely be at their most receptive to making a purchase. By focusing on the 3 emotional triggers we spoke of here today you can vastly improve your effectiveness as a copywriter. In the end the results will be higher sales conversions and a greater success for you marketing on the internet.

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