Top 7 Tips For Writing Great Articles

There is an Asian proverb that every child knows how to cry and sing right from birth. While the talent for singing (and crying!) may be God gifted, writing is surely an acquired skill. Of course, there is a talent hidden inside somewhere for writing too, but it is the polishing of this particular skill that distinguishes good writers from great writers.
Many aspiring writers, especially those writing articles, in their obsession with writing forget to pay attention to the very aspect of ‘HOW’ to write. Following are some basic tips on how to write interesting articles:
1- Write in short sentences
First thing first, avoid writing long sentences. How would you feel reading a long sentence with no punctuation or break of any sort in between making it feel as if it goes on and on and on and never ever really ends? Be your own judge.
2- Add white space with multiple paragraphs
Organizing your article in the form of many shorter paragraphs is always better than writing fewer long ones. First, it does not let the reader get bored with having to read continuous text. Second, it creates the much needed white space for the eye to see and the brain to absorb, thus keeping the reader interested.
3- Stick to the topic at hand
While it is a good thing to be able to write on various topics, but it is never a good idea to do it in the same piece of writing!
4- Be clear in your thoughts, words will follow
Know precisely what you want to say or build an argument on. Do not just keep adding words, instead contribute real thoughts. Words will automatically come to you if you have an abundance of thoughts.
5- Avoid grammatical, punctuation, spelling and other errors
This one is definitely a maker or a breaker. The reader will judge from the first few sentences of your writing whether you ‘really’ know how to write or you are just here to make fun of yourself. Writing with clearly wrong language indicates just that.
6- Sprinkle some humour
You do not have to write jokes in your article obviously. But a pinch of humour here and a sprinkling of satire there will keep the reader interested in what you have to say.
7- Proofread, proofread and proofread again
Never consider your work finished after you have completely written an article. So far, your work is only half completed. Consider it a first draft. Proofread it at least twice to make sure you have not left any loopholes.

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