Copywriting – Creating A Compelling Sales Flyer

If you own a small business, or you are trying to get a business off the ground, then flier campaigns are a great way to generate customers quickly. The big key with fliers is that you must get the customer’s attention quickly, just like a sales letter. Read on to find out how you can create a compelling flier.
Like a sales letter, your flier must have an attention-grabbing headline that snaps the customer to attention for just a second. People are bombarded with marketing messages everyday, so you need to make sure that every word of your headline really counts.
Do not give away your entire offer in the headline. You want to give just information to spark an interest. The rest of your copy will tell the big picture. After the headline, you want to have a sub-head, which is just a bolded partial-sentence that supplements the headline, giving away a little more of the offer and bringing the customer down into the body copy.
Again, the same elements of the sales letter apply here as well, except that you are just going to pick a few bullet points that explain the offer to the customer. Remember that they are going to pick this thing up from somewhere and you need to tell them what the offer is quickly.
Make sure that you have a picture of what you are selling, and it would also help to have a picture of yourself. People like to buy from other people, not corporations. Even if you have a service business, show a picture of your work in some way.
Towards the end of the flier you need to create a call to action of some kind with a very specific deadline. Just like a sales letter, you will need to motivate the customer to buy, call, sign up, or anything else that you want them to do. Do not put out any flier campaign without some kind of call to action inside. Do not forget your contact information. People will want to contact you in a way they feel most comfortable. Give them your phone number and email address at a minimum, but it is better to also include your website and address. The customer will want to do their homework before contacting you, and the more information you put on your flier, the more they will trust that you are an honest business owner.

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