Article Writing Guidelines – How To Keep Your Articles Off The Naughty List

If you are a serious article marketer, you probably understand the benefits of meeting the article directory guidelines, right? Well here’s the deal, not many article writers understand what it means to write content that meets certain guidelines. They’re more focused on getting as much done as possible and nobody can stand in their way. Well, I’m here to tell you that they’re wrong.
It is simply too important to get your content on the web and failing to do so will result in serious drops in traffic to your website. Here’s what you can do to make sure this doesn’t happen to you:
1. Knowing your readers wants and desires. In my opinion, there isn’t anything more important than knowing who your readers are and what it is they want from you. If you can find out what it is that they want in an article, you’ll be armed for some serious results. Impressing your readers is what it’s all about, so don’t hesitate to give them all you’ve got.
2. Doing the research necessary for success. OK, listen up! If you don’t do research, you’ll fail. It’s that simple. You can easily visit 2 or 3 websites that hold some ground in your niche and gather all the goods. Another great way to research your niche and write articles that meet the guidelines it to conduct interviews with an expert in your niche.
These experts will give you the information you need to deliver some great content. Trust me… if I didn’t do this regularly, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Do yourself a favor and interview a pro, it could be the best thing you’ll ever do in this business.
3. I can’t stress this enough… You will fail if you do not deliver quality content. People don’t want to be tossed around from site to site like a hot potato. If you wish to succeed with article writing and meet your directories guidelines, I highly suggest that you figure out how to deliver good content to your readers. Do you want your competitors getting your traffic? Nobody does, right?
4. And finally the ground breaking got to run out and do jumping jacks step to your success. Be funny! Would you want to sit down and read an article that sounded like a childhood chemistry teacher giving a lecture… ? I didn’t think so. So you know what? Lighten up a little. Tell your readers a story. Give them something to smile about, because most of the time, life is boring!

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