The Easiest Way To Save Time – Use Article Templates

Article template refers to a way of using the same formula for every article. This results into creating every article perfect for presentation.
1. An article template guides you what to write in the:
a. Title
b. Introduction
c. body of the article
d. resource box of the article.
It will have space for these sections separately and so your article will take its shape automatically when you are writing in a template. Each section must have a guiding line to tell you what to write about the title.
For online writing there are templates of all sorts created by Microsoft, from free flyer template
Free newsletter template
Wedding invitation template
EzineArticle template
Resume template
Article writing template
And you can use them as needed. Similarly many writing organizations are forming their own template to use for writing. Ezine articles have their own templates to write article that can be used by all the members as needed.
The main benefits of these templates are:
1. It serves as a guide line for the article, so the writer does not have to spend time to organize his/her thoughts. Just makes it simple and easy to write article.
2. Template provides a brief outline for the article. So every time you don’t have to write an outline to write an article. You are able to save time and effort both.
3. Though, the template provides you an outline but it does not specifically exactly what to write in an article. You have all the choice to express your thoughts the way you want to. So though you are guided to stay in control of your article there is no restriction to what are you going to write, you have full freedom of expression.
4. The template of the article guides you to create a writing style. Your article is structured in a certain way every time when you use a particular template.
5. It saves you almost half the time. Once you are writing in bulk using template is an opportunity you can’t miss. You will be able to write twenty articles in the article time for ten article and saving fifty percent of the time is a great benefit, so trying using templates if you are not using it yet.
The only drawback that I see in using an article template is that it makes you used to a template. Without a template you will not be able to deliver your thoughts like an expert, though I know the writing technique is yours and same.saves time,free flyer template, freelance newsletter template.

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