The Wow Factor And How You Can Use It To Blow Your Clients Away

The Wow Factor is a simple technique that you can use to blow away new clients or to show old clients that you really appreciate the work they’ve given you. It’s a simple technique that exceeds their expectations and puts you at the top of their list of writers. You could call it a form of psychological manipulation, but I see it as a way of putting more value and quality into the world.
The formula is this – Deliver to your clients something that’s more than what they expected. When they open the Zip file, they go “Wow!” And now you’ve made yourself look awesome in their eyes. Even better, you’ve created a great opening to a long and mutually beneficial relationship between the two of you.
Just think for a second about the last time you bought something or paid for a service and it went way over your expectations. Remember how you felt? You were probably brimming over with love for the company that did it for you.
Why Wow?
So basically, the main reason to wow is that it gets you more business. When you apply the Factor to a new client who has just ordered a small batch of articles from you, they think you’re super cool and they’ll be contacting you the next time they need content written. It’s also nice to wow your old clients once in a while to let them know you appreciate the constant business.
I’ve kind of taken this from Japanese culture (I live in Japan where service is ridiculously good), but another reason to wow at the beginning is to break the ice and set up a working relationship. I think Japanese businesses do this to each other all the time; it’s like, “I’ve given you extra to show my appreciation and make you feel sort of obligated to me,” and it works. Although, in my case, there’s nothing really manipulative about it. I’ve been ghostwriting for years now but I still really appreciate each new client who contacts me for work.
Another reason is purely selfish – it just makes you feel good to know that you’ve made somebody’s day. And I’ve been a buyer before, so I know how it feels to get more than you expected. It does make your day.
How To Wow
The whole idea is just to go over the other person’s expectations. Think – What are they expecting from me? They’re expecting (for example) 10 articles on garden hoses. When they get that 11th or 12th one, it’s sweet and it makes their day. They know they’ve found somebody who cares about what their ghostwriting career.
In my case, it wows me when ghostwriters deliver ahead of time. I guess it’s because I’m so busy all the time that I’m rarely able to turn stuff in early. So when I hire a “hungry” writer and they send me the goods in the next day or two, I know I’ve found somebody that can help me out in a pinch. Until they get really busy like me, that is.
But you can wow people any way and I’m sure there are lots of others. The whole idea is just to exceed expectations.
But Time Is Money
I know what some folks are hesitant to wow; after all, this is a business and you can’t go writing free articles for everybody. Even if you understand the whole idea behind the Wow Factor, you still might be thinking, “It takes me 30 minutes to write an article. That’s an hour of non-paying work and I just can’t do that!” I’d recommend getting over that mindset quickly. If you’re at the beginning of your ghostwriting career and the money’s not rolling in, have faith that it will. Work it out however you have to mindset-wise and just do it.
In my case, I’m sure that wowing clients has led to more business, referrals, better relationships and all of that, but I really try not to think about any of that when I do it. It’s a habit I got into when I first started doing this and I just never stopped. Besides, it makes me feel good to over-deliver and have people tell me that I’m awesome. It must be that vanity we writers are so known for.

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