Database Software for Merchants

MerchanNet is a multiple-user database suite for merchants, manufacturers, exporters and more. Providing a sophisticated range of tools, this suite offers everything that businesses need to keep track of sales, purchases and inventories, no matter what the size. It also provides tools which help you to optimize the way your business runs and improve profits. Sales and purchases can be analyzed to help you quickly find the best value suppliers and your best customers. This will make a major positive impact on your company’s profits. It helps to track your customers and suppliers and help to ensure that the quality of your company’s goods and services is kept at a consistently high level at all times. Also, inventory wastage can become a thing of the past, since this software suite allows you to more effectively manage everything in your inventory.

MerchanNet is ideal for risk management since it standardizes all of the documents and formats involved. This helps to make sure that the right documents go out to the right merchandisers. It helps to prevent mistakes being carried out during sales and purchases. It also provides a safe and centralized location which will be accessible to all of the members of your company staff teams who have the necessary access. Only those who have the required password will be able to access the database, making it safe from unauthorized access.

MerchanNet provides full control over the costs of your products, your inventory and quality of goods and services. The costing module included allows you to supervise the pricing of each and every product. The inventory module provides a wastage report to help you minimize any wastage and build-up of excess goods while the quality control module helps you to monitor and supervise the quality of your goods and services. Using this database software, merchants can greatly improve efficiency by saving time and making it easy to share necessary information between other employees in the business. Duplicated and/or inconsistent reports will also be avoided. All-in-all, these features will lead to an increase in profit thanks to a variety of powerful analysis tools and much more.

MerchanNet is particularly effective for garment merchants and more. It is one of the cheapest of such solutions currently on the market. Stability, also a major concern, is taken particularly seriously with MerchanNet. The desktop database requires no maintenance and should run flawlessly on minimum system requirements. No training is required either, as using the program as largely self-explanatory. With a user-friendly interface, the software is a please to use and your employees will be able to start taking advantage of its powerful range of features straight away. Many other similar solutions require exhaustive training which quickly becomes time-consuming and expensive.

For companies which need a stable database product with all of the features they need to enjoy complete control over their inventory, sales and purchases, MerchanNet is the optimal tool. Costing relatively little money, it will bring a whole new dimension to your business’s performance. To find out more, visit today.

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