Safely Back Up All Your Data with [email protected] Disk Image .

When it comes to protecting your data, making sure you have all the necessary security measures in place is one thing. Nonetheless, many people take their firewalls and antivirus software for granted. Others don’t even bother to keep their operating system, drivers and other software up-to-date. However, no matter how vigilant you are, it’s always wise to prepare for the worst, and that means keeping a backup of all your files. After all, it’s not just cybersecurity you have to worry about. Hard drives, particularly solid-state drives, can fail at any time and without warning. External devices can get lost or stolen, and a physical disaster can quickly claim all data stored on your computer. Fortunately, backing up files doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when you have disk imaging software to take care of it for you.

Why Use Disk Imaging Software?

Do you know which files to back up? You might think you know where all your important files are kept, but there’s a good chance that not everything is immediately accessible from your documents folder. There are plenty of other important things to think about as well. Disk imaging software presents a no-compromise solution whereby absolutely everything on a hard disk or other storage device is backed up. Your backup archives might end up taking up a lot more space, but that shouldn’t be a problem given the enormous capacities of many storage devices and online storage services these days. With a disk image, you have a complete, byte-by-byte backup of your computer, which you can use to recover your entire system in the event of a computer failure, instead of having to manually reinstall your operating system and multiple backup archives.

How Does Disk Imaging Software Work?

[email protected] Disk Image presents the complete data backup solution for your needs, whether you’re a home or business user. The software does the hard work for you by providing a complete backup and restore solution that involves creating a complete image of any storage device, whether it’s an SSD, HDD, optical disc or external drive. To ensure your disk images are as small as possible, [email protected] Disk Image uses cutting-edge compression algorithms that allow you to select between normal and high compression. Additionally, the software can create images that only include occupied disc clusters, since there’s rarely any reason to include blank sectors. Nonetheless, the program also provides support for RAW disc images to include every sector occupied or not. Additionally, the disk images may be encrypted for added security and mounted and used as virtual drives.

Automated Task Scheduling and More

Manually backing up your files can take a lot of time, so [email protected] Disk Image makes life easier by allowing you to schedule backups automatically. This process also supports incremental backups, meaning it won’t be necessary to add data that already exists to the disk images. Version 8.0.3 sports many refinements, including an improved task scheduler and faster RAW disk image creation. Other new features include support for Windows Storage Spaces and support for network credentials for scheduled tasks. Learn more by visiting

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