5 Secret Weapons To Writing An Effective Press Release That Guarantees Traffic

A press release is a very important marketing tool for any work at home businesses. A well written press release will get your business listed in top positions in search engines. Not to mention the amount of traffic it can bring to your website and your business.
Do you know that a press release can be featured on Google news almost immediately after submission?
This will help your website get traffic almost immediately. So, let us begin our lesson.
The perfect headline
The headline of your release can attract traffic. Take your time and extra care when selecting a headline. From my personal experience 4 (four) letter headlines work the best. This is the best position to place your keywords.
Styling your press release
Always write the same way writers write for the newspaper. Write it as if you are a third person reporting a news story.   Do not include advertising or selling terms. Write in proper English and check your spelling and grammar before submission.
The suitable length
You are not writing an essay. Do not make a mistake by telling an entire story book here. 250 to 300 words are considered a good length. From my past experience, my press releases that have more than 300 words get lower rankings.
It is important that you paragraph properly. I usually write in 3 paragraphs. The first paragraph is used to announce your business and website. It is the introduction to your business. Please include your website link in here.
The second paragraph is an elaboration of the introduction. It is best if you can include quotes from someone in your organization or yourself. It is also advisable to include your website address here again.
Your third and last paragraph is used to reinforce your business unique selling points and all major advantages. Keep it short and simple here. Always remember to end with the following phrase:
For more information, please visit : your website address link
Make sure all your links are working
One final step you must take care after reading through is to make sure your website links are all working. Never submit you press release to the media before doing this. This is important because a release will get you top positions in Google in a couple of days or even hours. People who read your press release will definitely want to check out your website to find out more or even to purchase. You definitely want to make sure those links will bring them to your site.

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