Creating Content Readers Find ‘Worthy’

Creating content to distribute online is a very effective way to increase your exposure provided readers find what you publish interesting. The real benefit of publishing content in this manner comes from people passing it around on the internet. For this to happen obviously what you distribute must be quality information found to be useful in some way by those who view it. There are also other ‘parameters’ which any composition you produce for mass distribution must meet. Once people determine what you have produced is useful information and decide to ‘share’ it with others, you stand to benefit tremendously from the viral effect. So what is it you can add to any content you produce to ensure it will be viewed as interesting enough to share with others online?
Here are 3 components you must add when creating and using content for distribution online so that people who view it will be inclined to share it with others.
Besides making your writing efforts easier having passion for what you are composing tends to ‘jump out’ at the reader. This in turn results in getting people more engrossed in what you have published thereby making the information more interesting to them. People can feel your passion for the topic and this tends to increase theirs as well. Now they are more inclined to share your publication with others.
Inject Your Personality
Allow your personality to come out when publishing content since this will certainly help to make it even more unique. Having your own way of delivering thoughts will help capture viewer attention allowing you to stand out a little bit more from the crowd. Some make think your delivery is comical will others may view it as clever but in any case it will be uniquely you.
Give Value
As an author you can add value to any information you intend to circulate by including knowledge, perspective or even by provoking thought. Any of the aforementioned ways of using content to gather attention is suitable for a large and global internet audience since reader interests will obviously vary greatly. Presenting new information, offering your opinions or simply asking though provoking questions are all popular and accepted ways to stir an interest and compel readers to share your content.
And always remember to check your spelling and grammar. There is little excuse for misspelled words with spell-check being available on most every computer. On the grammar ‘thing’ you may get some slack since a way has not been devised to automatically check this for you, at least not yet. But do your best nonetheless!
One of the best ways to increase your online exposure is by creating content for mass distribution. The real benefit of publishing content online in this manner comes from readers who view it as useful information and therefore share it with others. The viral effect you experience from the efforts of others is the major advantage of this strategy when using content to increase your exposure. Viewers however must first feel that what you distribute is quality information before they are inclined to pass it along to others. By adding the 3 components suggested above to any information created for mass distribution you dramatically increase the odds of it being re-circulated by others for you.

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