Get More Done with a Windows Task Scheduler .

Providing flexible scheduling types, this powerful Windows task scheduler allows you to set up automated tasks based on a number of predefined conditions. You can either set specific times for automated tasks to be carried out or specify certain system events. With regards to specifying times for automated tasks to take place, you can choose seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months or even years, and by upgrading to the Pro version, you can even combine the different criteria.

Advanced Task Scheduler allows you to schedule many useful actions, such as launching individual applications, scripts or batch files. Alternatively, it can open documents, play sound files, send emails, shut down or restart the computer, switch network connections on or off and operate file transfer operations, including over an FTP server. The possibilities are endless thanks to the advanced features you have available at your fingertips.

Far more sophisticated than the standard Windows Task Scheduler which you already have in a default installation of Windows, Advanced Task Scheduler is not a system component in itself, and this means that other third-party apps cannot disable it and adversely affect the schedules that you have set up. Additionally, even changing your operating system does not affect your scheduled tasks, since you can export your tasks into a file and then move them to another computer.

Those who plan to define an extensive set of automated tasks may also find the grouping feature of Advanced Task Scheduler useful, since different tasks can easily be groups and categorized as required. You can have a virtually unlimited number of task groups, with the only constraint being the performance of your computer. Additionally, there are a range of advanced scheduling features, such as the ability to have a task run hourly during specific times of the day or week.

Advanced Task Scheduler supports all versions of Windows from as early as Windows 2000, and no additional components are required for the program to work correctly; you don’t need to worry about installing APIs such as dotNET or Java etc. Additionally, the program sports a simple and user-friendly GUI to help minimize the learning curve, and even casual users should have no trouble setting up their first automated task and learning their ways around the program.

Advanced Task Scheduler is suitable for both home and business users, but it is a particularly valuable tool for any embedded systems which are designed to be left unattended by the administrator for lengthy periods of time. Business users, particularly those who use the task scheduler on embedded systems, may also find the network version to be extremely useful, since it allows them to create and manage tasks remotely within a familiar networking environment.

Those looking for a task scheduler that provides an extensive range of features while still being easy to set up and use will find Advanced Task Scheduler to be an invaluable tool, while the ability to run scripts automatically provides limitless potential compared to the standard Windows Task Scheduler. Find out more at

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