Overcoming My Fear Of Blogging

I have been a storyteller and writer my entire life. I actually remember being three years old and the first story I ever told sitting on my father’s lap telling him of about a bunch of happy rabbits. He listened intently and somewhere in my infantile mind I got an understanding that people love listening to stories. As soon as I was old enough to write I scribbled all of my wonderful thoughts into stories on paper. By the time I got to the second grade my favorite teacher and my beloved mother nurtured those talents. Today I am a ghostwriter, written my own books and have been a columnist for UPI.
You would think that after all of that writing experience I would not have been afraid to write my first blog. Yet I was. The thought of putting a personal side of me for the world to see was absolutely intimidating. To me blogs are unlike any other form of writing because it demands that you be you. Either you be you, or people will spot that and no longer read your posts.
The second most intimidating thing was what to blog about. There are thousands of articles on line that will take up that matter – 10 Tips to becoming a blogger, The five best blogger topics etc. However, I believe that none get to the real point. The real point is all of the hard work it will take to find out what people are hungry for. Tapping into that zone is a lot of work and you have to ask yourself are your willing to put in the time. Well 161, 577 readers later and 369 posts, I did put in the time to find out what readers wanted to know. My blog has blessed my life more than words can ever say, and the people I have met have inspired me as much as I have inspired them.
So how did I overcome my fear of blogging?
1. I got personal. When I posted an article about giving my Mercedes away. That pulled people into my blog. That was the first time I realized that people would read.
2. I developed a cause after dabbling on various topics until I struck another emotional pull. My cause was to write 365 articles so that anyone reading the blog for a full year would have a better marriage.
3. I got committed to the readers. I set up an email account so that if anyone wanted to speak with me personally they could do so. That is where I met a people from all over the world going through marriage challenges and I would encourage them.
For me that system worked. I made sure to do posts at least 2-3 times a week and the blog just grew. What I have gained from blogging is:
1. It is the best way to build an audience.
2. It is very personally therapeutic.
3. It is a great way to meet fascinating people.
My best advise for you is to get started. Think of some unusual, fascinating piece of information that you are not afraid to share and toss it out to the global community and watch what happens. Before you know it you will find that piece of information that the world is hungry for. Face your fear. Overcome it like I did. Be the best blogger in the world. I wish you the best!

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