Tips For Writing Great SEO And Web Content Articles

Article writing for business purposes has become quite a popular way of driving traffic to your website and turning readers into customers. Even if you have no writing skills what so ever, you can still take advantage of this phenomenon by hiring someone to ghostwrite your articles for you. For any online business, article writing, submissions and publication are extremely important and becoming easier to accomplish.
Article directories such as this one are a valuable piece of the puzzle. But you can be stopped cold in your tracks if your articles aren’t written well, correctly written or are full of jibberish that doesn’t make any sense or have any real purpose or direction. Some of the common mistakes that people make are:
They don’t really take advantage of the promotional opportunities of SEO.
Everyone knows that article marketing and SEO generates links to your website. But most people don’t realize that they can also receive a higher ranking in search engine queries which generates even more traffic to your website. It’s a wonderful circle that you can benefit from.
Don’t overdo keywords in your articles. Having the same word or phrase appear over and over again can get a bit monotonous and hinder the flow of the article resulting in few people making it to the end where the links are usually located.
Speaking of links, don’t make the article all about the links. You have to provide useful information that is interesting and informative. Publishers that are looking for great content might pick your article up for their website or blog leading to even more exposure for you and your site. The more interesting and informative you are, the more people will come back to read your articles which leads to more opportunities for website views.
Submitting articles that do not follow the guidelines.
Article sites do not accept just any article. Each one has specific guidelines that you must consider and follow when putting your article together for submission to the site. The guidelines are set to help you in production of a quality article and maintain a collection of quality content on their site.
Quality articles are articles that have good content that is relevant to the niche of your business. Write about what you do in a manner that is interesting and informative while staying within the sites guidelines and you will have a quality article that draws the reader in and sparks their interest enough to click on the link to take them to your website.
Never underestimate the power of a well written, interesting and informative article. Others may publish the article on their site for their readers. The result can be more exposure for your business and your website. So stay within the guidelines to help your chances of approval.
Short articles with weak content.
Contrary to this article because it is quite long, the best length for a quick jumpstart to build up to your link is between 500 and 750 words. Long enough to provide good information but short enough that you will not lose people in the process. Most people have extremely short attention spans now days and the shorter and sweeter, the better.
Write about what is going on in your business niche at the moment. Don’t use last week’s news. What is hot today is not tomorrow and the digital world changes quickly. Stay on top of the trends and big stories.
Do not use fluff and filler words or phrases to fill space. Examples of these phrases are: as such, using a word multiple times like many, many times, so forth. And any other words or phrases that are not necessary to make your point.
Not keeping the reason you are writing the article in line with the reason you are promoting it.
When you are writing an article do not forget the reasons behind why you want to promote it. It is part of your SEO plan to brand your company, create leads and get the word out that you are there and why someone should use your goods or services.
Article writing is to do all of those things as well as inform the reader. Create interest with information and breaking news in your niche to achieve the promotion benefits that promoting a great article can bring.
Five things your articles must have that you should never forget.
A lot of high ranking websites have outstanding articles posted around the internet as well as on their site. It’s part of that wonderful promotion circle. Articles lead to more traffic. More traffic leads to better placement in search engines and so it goes.
It’s not just about quantity though. Quality is actually of more importance. You can fill it with a thousand pages of junk that no one wants to read and becomes bored with or you can fill it with five pages of great content that is interesting and as new content is slowly added, people come back to read it.
Below are five things to help you with writing your article content. The things that all articles must have to be successful and help you promote your site.
*Keywords and Keyword Phrases
You always want your articles to be written around the keywords and keyword phrases. The keywords help anyone who is searching for the information that you are providing find your article. Keywords and keyword phrases are what you would type into a search engine or search box to look for the information that you want to read about.
The keywords that you use should be in line with what your site is about. If you have a site that sells dog collars, then dog collars is an excellent key word phrase for you. Two of your key words would be dog and collar. You can add other words such as the name brands you sell, colors and collar sizes.

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