The Secrets To Being A Creative Writer You Didn’t Realize You Already Knew

Anyone who’s truly creative is always looking to develop their creativity in new directions, and discover more about how they can create to their potential.
This is no different for creative writers.
As creative writers, we’re on an ongoing search to find our unique voice.
The journey along the way can be very enjoyable if we take on a playful and curious attitude. We can try out different styles and approaches as much as we wish.
When we find what we enjoy and get most benefit from, we can do more of that. The things we don’t enjoy, once we’ve tried them, we can drop and move on to something different.
As we go along though, it’s helpful to get tips and pointers from other experienced writers. It’s useful to hear what’s worked for other people, and how we can try out those techniques ourselves.
But there are no bigger and more precious “secrets” about how YOU can become a better creative writer than those you already know.
The fact is, yes it’s great to get ideas, tips and exercises from others, and this all shows your commitment to exploring the depths of your creativity.
But the biggest secrets – the most powerful keys to unlocking your true creative potential – lie within you already.
So if they’re already within you, why aren’t you making use of them?
The answer is either:
1. Because you don’t realise you already know
2. Because you don’t believe you already know.
Or both!
What difference would it make to you if you absolutely believed you had the potential to be an amazing writer, and that you knew how to unlock that potential?
How much more inspired and motivated would you feel? What difference would it make to your creative writing?
Well, you can begin to practice having this belief today, right now.
Write out the beliefs you need to have, to get to this point. Here are some of the kind you might use to get you started:
“I have the potential to be a wonderful writer.”
“I know how to be an incredible writer and each day I get a little closer.”
“My open attitude to experimenting with my writing means I’ll continue to grow and develop as a writer.”
By taking on these beliefs – and then taking the action that supports them – you’ll have found the “secrets to creative writing” unique to you.
The same beliefs that’ll help you to unleash your potential and be the best creative writer you can be.
So what are you waiting for, start building those beliefs, and taking that action today!

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