Finding True Satisfaction As A Writer

Job satisfaction is often a criterion that makes most of us decide whether to stay in a profession or not. Even if the salary, working conditions, and perks on a job are satisfactory, we might want to quit it just because we do not feel happy doing it. The main reason for this lack of happiness is that we have selected the wrong profession. We are definitely meant to do something else.
As we quit one job after another, we might come up on an idea that sticks with us and makes us proceed on a totally new path. However, we might also tend to suppress the idea and get back to our mundane routines. The more we ignore the idea, the more it will stay with us silently, until that day that it breaks loose and makes us succumb to it. That is when we really begin to understand what we were missing all the time. This new idea might lead us to a new job opportunity or a chance to become self-employed. It is often the latter route that provides more of job satisfaction because the so-called ‘job’ ceases to be a job and becomes our life. Thus, once we break out of the box of ‘profession’, we will find what we really loved to do all the time. It is then that we will find true satisfaction and a source of good income from what we enjoy doing.
For instance, if you are working as a content writer or a copy writer for a firm, it is natural that you will find the job boring within a few months. At the onset, you might think that the job is very interesting as you would be writing about a wide variety of topics each day. You might also think that you would be learning new things every day. But then, in course of time, you will learn that the ‘new’ gets ‘old’ very easily. You will no longer find true meaning in continuing with your writing job.
The time will soon come for you to quit the job and take up another one with a lightly different title, like article writer or proofreader. But again the same thing will happen as with the previous job. Then one day you will stop and think whether this is what you really wanted to do. Your thoughts might lead you on to choosing creative writing or some such field where you can really exhibit your true talent and be completely satisfied. Your mind will come up with many options that you can choose from to lead a truly satisfied life. The bottom line is that if you listen to what your heart tells you to do, you will never be dissatisfied.

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