5 Ways To Make Article Writing Faster And Easier

Articles are powerful. Just one article that hits the mark can attract thousands of fresh new prospects to your business or website. But if the thought of writing articles doesn’t appeal to you because it sounds like hard work, here’s good news.
Article writing is a skill like any other. The first time we try it feels slow, awkward and difficult — the way riding a bicycle did in the beginning. But the more you do it, the easier it gets and when it’s easy to do, there’s little resistance.
Here are some simple tips to help you make the transition from struggling beginner to accomplished article speed-writer:
1. Start with a target. What do you want your article to accomplish? What do you want your reader to do after having read your article? Decide on the outcome you want. Then provide the kind of information that shows you know what you’re talking about.
2. Provide value. Accurate and helpful information is valuable to readers. Solid information helps to build trust in you and your brand so readers will be more likely to follow through with action.
3. Offer something more. You want to provide enough information to be helpful, without giving up the farm. Think of your article as a teaser. Then offer a way for interested readers to get more.
Both short and long pieces can work well. But don’t make it too short that it lacks value, or too long that it sends busy people on their way before you can capitalize on your content.
4. Plan your work and then work your plan. You don’t need anything elaborate here – a short, mind map, plan, or list will do the job. I usually get two or three of these “article plans” on a page. Two pages typically provide the outlines for 4 or 5 articles. Some plans consist of a title idea and 3 power words and nothing more. The title provides direction; the power words represent key points.
I prefer to make up several of these plans at once and then write the articles in another session. It seems to be lot faster this way. Try it. My guess is you’ll find yourself writing articles faster and easier than before. This makes you want to write with greater frequency and that’s never a bad thing.
5. Work in 30-minute segments. Don’t try cramming all your article marketing into one day or you’ll burn yourself out. Work in 30-minute chunks and your productivity will soar. You may find it helpful as I do to keep your plans and writing in separate formats. Since the actual writing is done on computer, try using a notepad and pen for your outlines and work in an environment that stimulates your creativity.

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