Top 5 Best Restaurants for your Dinner in Venice

Venice prides itself as having some of the best attractions both in the old and the new world making it one of the top tourist destinations in Italy. It is this high number of tourist that has led to the growth of a very lucrative Venice apartment rental and hospitality industries. There are restaurants that offer fresh seafood and the best of Italian cuisine. Here are the 5 restaurants for your dinner in Venice.

1.Alle testiere
It is among the best restaurants that sell food at very affordable prices in Venice. Offering the best Italian cuisines, Alle Testiere also provides the best of the local mouth-watering delicacies. It has a large and elegant rooms have that capacity of handling 22 people at once. The restaurant is located in a very serene environment and has some of the best wine collection that you can find in Venice.
2.II Ridotto
Located not far from the Piazza San Marco, this restaurant also features among the best 5 restaurants for your dinner in Venice. It has very spacious room that can accommodate a large number of customers at once. The interior of this restaurant is beautifully designed and lighted to give a pleasant feeling when you are taking dinners. They have some of the best seafood delicacies and amazing Italian cuisines. Their wine collection is incredible and at a very affordable price.

Offering the best of Italian Cuisine, Quadri attracts many customers due to its quality of service. They have some of the best delicacies that you can find in the Venice especially the seafood. One thing that you definitely love about this place is a beautifully designed interior with fantastic lighting system. It is the perfect place where you can have dinner with your lover if you are planning to give a surprise marriage proposal. They have very flexible operating hours, and they are open up for dinner as from 7.30pm-10.30pm.

4.Osteria Santa Marina
Among the many restaurants that are in Venice Osteria Santa Marina standout as one of the places where you can have a decent dinner. They have some of the most experienced chefs who will provide you the best of the Venetian mouth watering dishes. The restaurant has a very well organized outside tables that will give you a perfect dinner as you enjoy the best Venice night. It has the perfect environment for couples to have a romantic dinner. Its interior is well-designed and lighted, and you love being in this place.

5.Alla Palanca
This is the best places for veggies as they have a variety of dishes that caters for such special cases. They also serve the best of the Italian cuisines, and their wine collection is just amazing. For those who love seafood, this is among the best places that you can have such dishes and at a very affordable price.
These are just some of the best restaurants in Venice where you can have an excellent dinner. Also remember to book your room in Venice.

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