RemoteObserver – comprehensive control and monitoring of your network activities

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  • Febbraio 26, 2009

Most people strongly object to eavesdropping and surveillance because of the single fact that it steals their privacy – and that is quite fair and reasonable. However, there are situations and places where control over network activities is a vital necessity – for instance, in university and library networks, on your kids’ computers and in your department or company. In these cases, monitoring may prevent exposure to explicit content, idle browsing, activities unrelated to your employees’ immediate tasks or even business espionage!

RemoteObserver will solve your network monitoring problems and will establish a reliable link between your system and the ones being monitored. You can control up to 64 remote stations at the same time, view the contents of their displays in an 8×8 grid or in the full screen mode, make screenshots for further viewing and export them to BMP, run applications on remote systems and even restart or shut them down. “Bring to Desktop” is a unique feature of RemoteObserver, which allows you to monitor remote systems and work at the same time, thus saving time and increasing productivity. Both client and server parts of the application are password-protected, which means that you and only you will be able to control the monitoring process on your network systems. You can also choose between 3 different levels of compression for better image quality of increased performance. The installation process is automated, so you don’t need manually install client part on each remote machine you want. Server can record all screenshots into the one data base for further viewing and if you need to export screenshots into the BMP format.

If you want to be sure that your kids, students or employees are doing the things they are supposed or allowed to do, install RemoteObserver and solve this problem once and for all!

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