Writing Articles For Money 3 Easy Ways To Profit From Online Writing

Articles are a major foundational component of the web. They’re evident at every turn – directories, blogs, and web sites of all kinds. This presents an interesting opportunity for anyone interested in writing articles for money.
It’s something that anyone can do since there’s virtually no barrier to entry. If you can write short informational pieces in simple English, you can earn money as an article writer. For some, it’s a few dollars here and there. For others, it’s a full-time income that allows them to work from the comfort of home.
The trick is to not get hung up on any one article. Volume is the key to making article writing a viable business. Following are 3 of the ways you can make money writing articles:
1. Hang out your shingle as an article writer. Serve other entrepreneurs and marketers by writing articles for others. Anyone who’s been marketing online for a little while knows the value of decent articles in getting traffic, building a content site and establishing a brand. But these people know that it takes a consistent volume of traffic to get the full benefit from articles and most are too busy or lazy to do it themselves. That’s where you fit into the picture.
2. Choose a niche market, write a bundle of articles and then offer to sell these as complete packages to a related business. To find buyers, simply go to Google and search using keywords related to your niche. Look for sites that could use your content effectively and offer a sample article at no cost. If they like what you submit, they’ll want more. If they don’t want to buy, simply proceed to the next business you find. With this model you can package your articles in quantities of 10 or more. Then offer a fresh batch each month. This can give you a whole slew of regular clients quickly.
3. Write articles for your own sites. Start a blog and post a fresh and useful article each and every day. Build an audience and you’ll have a content site from which to market your own or affiliate product. Another workable alternative to make money writing articles is to accept advertising through one of the available networks and earn a little with each click. Those clicks can add up fast as you attract more traffic to your site and one of the best ways to do that is to post additional articles in a major article directory.
You can get started with any of these methods today. Quality and volume are the two keys to making money as an article writer and you’ll improve in both areas the more you write.
Ultimately, with a simple, repeatable system, you’ll be able to write your articles fast and increase your income.

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