10 Elements Of An Effective Sales Letter

Your online sales letter is where prospects will learn everything they need to know to make a decision about buying your e-product. Follow this simple template, and you are sure to create an effective sales page.
10 elements of an effective sales letter:
1. Pre-headline
Who is your product for? Grab the attention of the prospects you want to attract with a pre-headline.
~ Attention heart-centered entrepreneurs
~ Busy Working Moms: Listen up!
2. Headline
The job of your headline is to catch your target client’s attention and compel them to want to know more, so they read on.
~ Who else wants to take the stress out of home schooling their kids?
~ How to sell your home in less time and for more money
3. Credibility
Give your readers a very good reason to trust you. Prove that you really know what you’re talking about. What makes you so special? What makes you different? What makes your solution unique? Share your personal story.
4. State the problem
Speak to the pain that your prospects are feeling around this topic.
~ Does this sound like you? You are working too many hours, and you never seem to get ahead, and the only way to make more money is to work even harder and longer, and you’re missing every important milestone with your babies, and you feel stressed out and depressed and guilty.
5. Give the solution (your product)
~ Learn the specific 7-step formula for creating an ongoing passive income stream for your business, so you can run a fulfilling, profitable enterprise… without sacrificing any other priorities. The Laptop Mom S.U.C.C.E.S.S. System shows you…
6. Social Proof
One of the ways we decide if a product is right for us is to find out if other people think the product is right for them. You will have more success getting people to buy your product if you have social proof. This comes in the form of testimonials from people who have bought your product or used your services.
7. Make a compelling offer
Tell your prospects why they should buy now.
~ This teleseminar series is starting on November 28. Register now so you can join us live for call #1.
~ I am offering this e-book for just $19 to the first 50 people who purchase.
8. Call to action
You must tell people exactly what action they should take
~ Click here now to get immediate access to…
9. Order link
Include links and buttons – that are connected to your shopping cart – for prospects to click and purchase. Spread these links throughout the sales page.
10. Closing / Signature
Summarize your letter and sign your name.
Option: Add a P.S. after your signature. Many marketers claim that they get extra sales from a link in the P.S. Include a quick summary of your offer, an added reason to buy now, and a final call to action, along with the order link.
Follow this template every time you start a new sales page. It’ll make your work less stressful, and you’ll enjoy more sales!

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