One Website Marketing Mistake That’s Easy To Make And Easy To Fix

Your website is the foundation of your online marketing presence, so you need very strong copywriting to make it work. It’s very easy to make mistakes, even if you’re experienced.
One of the easiest website marketing mistakes to make and to fix involves wasting valuable real estate. If you owned waterfront property, you probably wouldn’t convert it to a parking garage. You would want to gain maximum use of the highest-value part of the land you own.
A website seems infinitely huge – until you realize your visitors see just one page at a time. So every inch (or pixel!) of your home page needs to work for you.
The website equivalent of waterfront property includes the area at the very top of the page. That’s what visitors see immediately when they click on your website. Therefore, it is critical to let visitors know immediately who you are and what you offer.
Your content strategy begins by asking, “What should visitors see when they first arrive on the website?” Before creating an elaborate design or header graphic, create the message you want visitors to get as soon as they arrive.
Sidebars – the areas on left and right of the main text – also get noticed often. On a WordPress site, you can add widgets and change them easily to let visitors know who you are and what you offer.
When you maximize the value of your online real estate, your online presence grows stronger. It’s like creating a substantial, well-designed property instead of a simple cookie cutter bungalow.
You can begin immediately with these 3 easy steps.
First, many service business owners like to display quotes from famous people on their website. These quotes don’t promote you; they add value to the person you are quoting.
Some marketers say these quotes communicate their values to visitors. However, you can communicate your value system much more effectively through copywriting techniques, such as creating a page that describes your business philosophy in a client-centered style.
Second, remove your welcome statements. Replace them with strong headlines that promise realistic benefits.
A welcome message can backfire. Visitors know they’re welcome. They know you want to promote your services. A direct, straightforward approach will add to your credibility as soon as visitors arrive.
Finally, many business owners begin developing their online presence by commissioning artwork and logos. Ironically, beautiful artwork can actually be a distraction. Visitors get lost in a banner photo depicting a sunset or ocean view.
Instead, begin with your message strategy. Work with a copywriter to develop your content and make sure your message doesn’t get overshadowed by the graphics, photos and headers.

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