Copywriting Secrets From Michael Buble

Recently, on the suggestion of my wife and a friend of hers I was ‘dragged along’ to a Michael Buble concert.
Well, actually… I bought the tickets. But only because I love my wife so much – and knew she’d be thrilled.
Anyway, the concert was scheduled for a Saturday night on the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House. But it was as windy as Wellington that night and so the event got cancelled.
So after dinner we left and scheduled to come back the next night to see if we had better luck.
Thankfully, we did.
I say thankfully because I learnt a few lessons that night. The master of jazz is not only a great musician… he’s also an incredible communicator, and has a solid understanding of human psychology. (Could this be one of the reasons he’s achieved the heights of success?)
Here’s what he did.
1. He opened up the concert by addressing the guys. And saying… “Men. I bet when you found out the concert was cancelled last night, you breathed a sigh of relief and thought… thank god. After all, when you see me on my album, you probably think ‘What a smuck.’ I know I would!
What’s the psychology behind this? Firstly, he went straight for the jugular as to what people were thinking. He knows his target audience is female (they go wild over him) and he knows the guys are coming along for the ride.
The majority of guys aren’t that into him. And in fact, many of us men are probably jealous he gets so much damned attention from the ladies.
He also realises some people are a tad upset over the fact the concert was cancelled.
In short… he brought the objections up to the surface and handled them immediately.
And you need to do the same in your ads and sales letters.
Here’s an example of something I wrote in a sales letter to immediately answer people’s objections about the property market (which at the time was seen as something to keep away from).
Notice how everywhere you turn today… the media keeps hollering at you:
“The property bubble is over”
“You can’t make money from property anymore”
“Interest rates are going to go through the roof”
Give up. Don’t invest now. Hold off… we keep being told. Yet in some areas the prices continue to rise. Like in… (then I listed areas where property has risen)
And here’s another way of dealing with people’s objections upfront…
“I know what you’re thinking. You think I’m a stark, raving lunatic when I say…. (whatever claim you are making).
Well, before you have me strapped into a straight jacket and dragged to the nearest funny farm, think about this…
So take a lesson from the king of Jazz… and think about what’s going on in the back of people’s mind when they read you ad or sales letter. Then answer that objection upfront.
If you’re a mechanic… they’re probably worried you’re going to rip them off and overcharge them.
If you’re a pest controller, they’re probably wondering if you’re environmentally friendly. And if the toxins will damage their pets and plants.
Can you see how powerful this principle is? Can you see at one of the reasons Michel Buble has risen to the top…when someone of equal musical skill would have remained a brilliant but virtually unknown performer?
I don’t know about you, but my experience tells me that our ability to get our message across has more to do with creating wealth and success than anything else – no matter what industry you’re in.
What do you think?

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