Sample Sales Letter – 7 Examples Of Persuasive Headline Templates

Hello Friends,
The other day a client asked me how long it takes me to write a headline for an ad. I told him it could take as little as 15 minutes or as long as a couple of days. He couldn’t understand how writing a headline could take so long. My answer was simple: since the headline of your ad, article or sales letter (whatever you are writing) is the first thing that is read you better make damn sure that it is the best it can be.
A small sample of some of the best headlines on ezine articles proves my point. Have you ever taken the time to check out which articles are getting the most views, according to subject title? I have. It interests me to know which headlines are pulling and why they are so effective. If your article has been on for a year or more and you have 100 views or less than you can decipher one of two things:
1. You didn’t spend enough time on your headline
2. Your content was not valuable enough
A small sample of the best-pulling articles revealed views in the tens of thousands. Now, I know every article that is crafted will not pull like this. But think of it this way: If you spend a little extra time on your headline the chances of someone clicking on your anchor text or URL in the resource box dramatically increases. You don’t have to be an Einstein to figure that out.
So without further adieu, let me fulfill my headline promise and deliver the 7 examples (or fill-in-the-blanks) of persuasive headline templates:
1. Who else wants _________? (This headline works because of what it inherently implies: that the reader does not know valuable information and many other people do)
Example: Who else could use free tax assistance?
2. Warning: __________________. (This headline works because it presents a solution to a problem. Remember to address a hot button your target market is experiencing).
Example: Warning: 97% of small business owners will go out of business in their first year.
3. __________ ways to ___________. (This headline works because it introduces a specific number)
Example: 101 ways to save money on groceries.
4. Find out why (celebrity name) uses (product name) to (results here). (This headline works because people can identify with celebrities and tend to follow the herd).
Example: Find out why (Oprah) recommends (product name) to (achieve some kind of result). Important: I am not saying you should use Oprah’s name specifically. The point here is to get your mind spinning.
5. How to _________. (This headline works because people are always searching for information. Make sure you present a benefit, not a feature. Very important).
Example: How to improve your stamina in bed – for just $9.95. You can also change it around like this: Sales Professionals – How to get your sales letters read
6. How I ____________. (This headline works because people love to read stories from other people).
Example: How I potty trained my puppy in one week.
7. How _______ Made Me __________. (This headline works well if you can present an ironic twist or a juxtaposition).
Example: How working as a garbage truck driver made me a successful entrepreneur.
Just resort to these persuasive headline templates any time you are experiencing writer’s block.
P.S. Stay tuned for future writing tips that will increase your response rates and drive more business to your door.

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