Copywriting And Proofreading – The Advantages Other Than Monetary Terms

Great. Now that you have decided that you want to be a copywriter/proofreader. Or maybe you even are already one. You could very well be one of the many great copywriters whose works we enjoy immensely; who make us revisit the website over and over again. You could be one of those proofreaders whose job is to ensure that all the right words are put together, grammatically correct, spelled correctly, no mumbo-jumbos and other material that are not understandable.
You could be working as a copywriter/proofreader under a large company or you could be working on your own. Whatever it is that attracts you to the job, one thing is for sure. IF you are good in what you do, your works will not go unappreciated. You will firstly be rewarded with a promise of better compensation rates upon recognition of your works. You will probably be hired more and your services increase in demand. So, the first advantage would be the obvious monetary terms, i.e wage/pay/cash.
Well, that is probably all or is it? I am not sure how many of you realize or agree but being a copywriter/proofreader is much more than just money. It isn’t everything. Sure, it helps, especially if you are a full-time copywriter/proofreader. But apart from a good pay, life, there is simply so much more.
During my short few months of being a full-time freelance copywriter/proofreader, I have found myself equipped with knowledge about subjects/topics that I myself wouldn’t have bothered to learn or wasn’t even aware of in the first place. I have written about topics ranging from Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, travel subjects ranging from an eBook on Miami to small Indian cities in every nook and cranny, health topics, product reviews ranging from handphone, PDA, laptop, foreclosures, offshore banking, 3D architectural visualization, education, work-from-home and many more. My Knowledge about issues were increasing. I was more aware and alert of the surroundings and latest issues. Since learning for me is an never-ending curve, find myself on a constant challenge to provide better content with research and that lead to a better self-satisfaction derived overall.
As for being a proofreader, tell me, which other job pays you just to read? You do not have to have a Masters or PHD but it pays to have an interest in reading. So, basically, all you have to do is indulge in your passion of reading while reaping the benefits of getting paid to do something you would have on your own anyhow.
What I have shared with you all readers today is but the tip of the iceberg. I am currently seeking to expand my client-list, many of whom I have established a long-term, healthy professional relationship. All of this from the comfort of my own home.
Being a copywriter/proofreader have proofed to be rewarding for me. I am thankful to have taken the step in leaving behind my antiques/collectible business for a full-time career as a freelance copywriter/freelancer. It has been one of the boldest but most rewarding move of my life.

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