Writing A Book About What Transformed Your Life

Have you been thinking about writing that book inside you? Have you ever thought – or said:
“I have a book in me.”
Or, “If I could just write the book about the events that transformed my life, I believe it could change a lot of other people’s lives, too.”
I can’t tell you how many people have said some variation of that to me after they discovered I wrote a transformational memoir and lead writing workshops.
I have one thing to say to all of you who have a book in you.
Give birth to it now.
Writing your healing, transformative words can be an act of grace.
Because whether you have writing experience or not, you and all the writers in this group have that one commonality. You have been transformed – by unexpected life events, by a spiritual awakening, by a major turning point – and in the process, you discovered a yearning inside to share what has moved, catalyzed, opened, transformed, awakened, heartened, inspired you.
You want to write about that transformation – not only to express yourself, but to be of service to others undergoing shifts. You want to add your voice to the evolving consciousness on the planet by telling your stories, by transmitting your healing journeys and the wisdom gained through integrating mind, body and spirit. You want to infuse the changes you underwent and witnessed with meaning for yourself and others.
You all share another commonality, too. Your own personal transformational journey was supported at various times by reading or hearing about other people’s transformations along the way.
Another author’s words stretched out a hand to you, stroked your flagging spirits, let you know someone else had traversed the passage through the fire of change into a new life, a new way of being. You each recognize the power, the love of giving back in this way, in passing on what you have experienced and learned.
Take part in the awakening consciousness by sharing both the light and how you found your way in the dark.
The darkness, shadow and chaos side of the transformational journey often scares us. It probably scared you as you went through your own shift in consciousness. But consider how writing that “book in you” can reveal at least one path through – your own – how it can shine the light of your own tears and laughter and grief and epiphanies and breakthroughs and miracles, so that others may benefit, too.
You can be the light at the end of the tunnel that your story shines. If not now, when?
More and more these days, you read, you hear, you see these words: The change times are upon us. You do not have the time left to let fear or lack of confidence in your writing ability stop you from sharing your stories – your memoirs, your novels, your creative nonfiction, your poems, your blogs, whatever the form – anymore.
Our whole planet is in a giant wake-up call – scrambling to create new forms as old, outdated ones crumble.
Your story, your transformational writing, is part of creating the new way. You can do it.
That’s why you’re called to write the book in the first place. That’s why you feel that “book in you.”
I truly believe that even the energy of beginning it, the process of writing it, of saying yes to your own voice, that act of writing begins to brings healing and transformation not only to you, but to others. It ripples out and adds to the awakening and transformation of you, your lineage, your community, the planet.
Four more words of advice.
Begin the book now.

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