Outsource Your Articles For Pennies

Maybe you have a lot of websites that are all in need of content and there’s just not enough hours in the day to write for all of them? Perhaps you just started turning a profit on a few of those sites so shutting them down now would be bad. So, what are you to do? Well, let me tell you! OUTSOURCE!
When people think of outsourcing they think of small cramped apartments in India or some foreign country where workers are paid pennies. This is not always true. You can outsource your article writing or rewriting to competent native English writers all over the world, and still pay a very small fee. Marketers face these problems everyday. They need content! They need it quick! And they need quality with keywords! Outsourcing has become the answer that many savvy marketers won’t tell anyone about. Many times they call it ghostwriting.
Communication is key! When hiring a writer to write for you don’t just think they will be able to provide you content. You need to provide them with the keywords you want used in your articles. You need to let them know how many words to make the article, what the subject is, and how the article will be used. If it is a blog post you will want to tell your hired writer to keep the tone conversational. If you need a technical article you need to tell them that you want hard facts, and not so much conversation. If you are using the article for product promotion you need to let your writer know. Keywords, how it will be used, and length these are the key elements to article outsourcing.
Price per articles is also not the same. One writer may write you 3 articles for 5 dollars while another may write you only 1 article for 10. Higher prices don’t always mean quality. I bought some articles a couple years back that cost me 10 dollars per article and ended up having to rewrite them myself. The writer claimed he was a native English speaker but with so many typos and errors the articles were far from advertised. While I later bought much cheaper articles that were perfectly written, formatted, and keyword rich. Don’t be fooled by price. Expensive does not always equal better.
Always keep your writer posted by providing feedback on their work! Many times if you order articles in bulk you can obtain a much better price. Try negotiating. Remember many writers want your business and aim to please, but keep in mind also that if the writer is only charging 5-10 dollars per article that you should not be a slave driver and ask for rewrite after rewrite. If the article isn’t good after the 2nd time you should look for another writer and bow out gracefully.

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