Benefits Of Having A Blog Or Website As A Writer

It’s possible that you may have met a fellow writer who has published a book and is maintaining a strong online presence. This writer might own their own website or an active blog. Some writers own websites that list their books, publications, favorite books and give viewers more information about upcoming projects. Other writers may have general blogs that discuss writing and give advice to fellow writers. Some writers are focused on having a specialized blog. A blog might focus on listing first book interviews by writers, favorite books of different readers or a blog dedicated to giving advice strictly related to graduate programs. So why should you consider making an online presence by having a blog or a website?
To help people find your work. Marketing is tough work. Many people publish a book and find themselves being unable to market their book. This is very problematic since you may end up having a difficult time gaining readers for your book. A website allows you to stand out from other writers. You can easily send out your website to friends, families, and coworkers with the intention of selling your book. You might even make some sales from people simply stumbling on to your website.

To gain credibility. I have met plenty of folks who say they are writers. Being a writer is not rare and many people use that title. However, you may be a writer who has published a book, chapbook, had your work displayed in prestigious journals, won literary contests, edited and judged manuscripts or participated in residencies or workshops. You are an established writer who is participating in the literary community. A website or blog helps highlight those triumphs.

Define yourself. A blog or website gives more insight into your personality. Just like your writing, a website or blog puts a unique spin on yourself. Use a website to really focus on what’s important to you. Someone writing nonfiction may consider starting a website to talk about news stories that are relevant to his writing. A poet may use a website to promote other fellow poets by posting reviews of her favorite poetry collections. Another writer might want to help other writers by creating a blog that discusses tips on how to write a novel.

A central location for your social media activities. Some writers publicize themselves via Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and other tools. It can be rough for someone to have to go through each of these pages just to learn more about you and what you are working on. A blog or website is the perfect medium to keep everything up to date. It also allows friends and family who do not use social media to find out more about your work.

Demonstrate your knowledge in a particular niche. Writing on a blog helps show off your expertise in a topic. A blog helps you establish and build your reputation as a writer and in a specific field. For instance, some writers may create a blog about how to publish a book. Having a very knowledgeable background and good insight can help you go far with establishing your reputation.

Easy maintenance. Blogs and websites are very easy to maintain. You don’t have to work on them every day and can go at your own pace. Some people update their blogs weekly while others update them a few times a year. ‘

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