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Classic Wedding Car Ideas: Here Are Some Of The Top Choices

Are you planning to hold your wedding soon? If you are, looking at these wedding cars Kent would be very productive. These cars can give your wedding the style boost it has been waiting for. Below are your best choices so far.

Morris Minor

If you have always been a bit campy with your personality and you want to arrive in style in an open-top classic car, a Morris Minor model would be your best bet. Morris Minor cars have unique shapes. These cars can give your wedding a very 1940s, polished vibe. It’s perfect if you are already having a 1940s style for your wedding, and still great even if you are not.

One of the most popular Convertible wedding cars Kent is Molly, a white convertible offered by Molly’s Classic Wedding Cars. Its white finish is a shoo-in for those who like having a little style show at the beginning of their weddings, but would also like to keep things as traditional as possible. There is also Maisie Blue, a bermuda blue 1963 Morris Minor convertible that would be perfect for the more daring bride.

VW Camper Van

Are you a big fan of Scooby-Doo? Simply in love with that era of big hair and preppy clothes? A VW Camper Van can seat up to 7 members of your wedding party if you would like them to arrive at the venue with as much finesse. This makes for a great photo and video opportunity, especially if you have a 70s or Beatles-themed wedding.

Molly’s Classed Wedding Cars Kent offers Esme, a 1965 Split Screen Camper Van. Her cream finish and chrome trimmings make for the best wedding party service. Comfort is also a big deal for this classic wedding cars supplier so you can be sure that even with the cars’ classic exteriors, they are well-maintained and have fully functioning engines and air conditioning.


Jaguars are also one of the best options for classic wedding cars Kent. The car brand screams luxury and this is an especially good look for both the groom and the bride. Sometimes, these classic cars are also used to transport very important members of the wedding party. Most couples do this to honor their parents especially if their parents have a penchant for classic jaguars.

One of the most popular choices in Kent is Grace, a 1962 silver-gray model. This car still has the infamous Jaguar purr and is perfect for brides who want to feel like a movie star as they make their way to their weddings. Another great Jaguar option is Rose, a cream-colored Jaguar MKII. Both are roofed models, making them perfect choices no matter what season the wedding will be held. As always, these Molly’s Wedding Cars are in tip-top condition for the comfort and style of your wedding party.

Most people avoid renting classic cars because they think the rental costs would be too much for their wedding budget. It won’t hurt to ask. Most clients were surprised at how reasonably priced their classic car rentals turned out to be. Not only will this let your wedding party be special, but also give you unique and ultra-classy wedding pictures and videos to look back to once the wedding is over.

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