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The Ultimate Auto Craiglist Poster

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  • May 16, 2009

Internet marketing has become one of the major needs for all small, medium and large companies along with people to promote their products to increase their brand value. It is surprising that most of us are in search of easy and reliable piece of software to help automatically promote our business in faster way. Nowadays we come across many classified websites allowing us to post our products and advertisements in their websites for free. One such big hit website with millions of users and advertisements is the Craiglist. Obviously a well know site to every affiliate marketer and webmaster. Craiglist is an extensive web community providing advertising services with a huge amount of marketing help.

The Benefits Of Advertising In Craiglist
Craiglist is said to have the highest page visits every day in the classifieds website category. Posting your ads here is a smart idea and beneficial, but you need to post them in as many cities you can to increase your visibility. The more visibility on Craigslist you have the more traffic your site will receive. More traffic means more sales and more sales means more profits.

How To Post Ads?
Manually posting ads is time consuming and hectic. Taking hours at a time to get your postings published in multiple cities. Or you can get the #1 software CL Bot Pro to help you automate and speed up your posting process. CL Bot Pro helps you save lots of time and effort by automating all your advertisement needs. This tool includes many advantages starting from creating your ads to managing your the complete posting process. It allows you to set different campaigns for different ads or the different affiliates you promote. The campaigns settings help you by managing your ads with ease.

Listed below are some of its unique features that cannot be found on other software.

+ Create rich look ads with inbuilt HTML editor.
+ Post and manage any number of ads.
+ Automatic email verification each time you post ads.
+ Post multiple ads in multiple categories with title and body content randomization.
+ Create unlimited Craiglist Accounts.
+ Auto captcha bypass option.
+ Accept terms of use automatically.
+ Attach images to any ads you posted.

How To Get Started?
You need to remember few points before starting a campaign or posting an ad in Craiglist. First be keen in selecting your target customers and desired location where you can sell your products easily. Then create your ad using HTML to make it more appealing and realistic. Placing an image to make your ad more sensible. In many cases the classified users never even opens an ad without an image. Create your ad honestly and with a clear title description of your item before posting it in the desired locations. Posting more ads in different cities will boost your sales. The more you post in different cateogories the more you will gain.

These steps may seem to be a lot of work. So doing it manually will take lot of time and effort. Make a wise decision, get the CL Bot Pro and watch the 100% automated software do your entire ads posting for you in just simple few clicks.

There are many products available on the market, but CL Bot Pro is the only completely automated tool to fulfill your Craiglist ad posting needs. What’s stopping you? Get the free demo today and start marketing your product or affiliates’ product and watch the sales roll in.

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