How To Maintain Your 3 Greatest Writing Assets

Have you given much thought to the assets we posses as writers? Oh, believe me. I do. I think about these assets every single day, as the common phrase says, 24/7. If we don’t properly maintain our three greatest writing assets we could lose big time on a luxurious and/or lucrative writing assignment. And if we lose out, it’s more likely because we’ve neglected our three greatest writing assets; don’t let that happen to you.
Following are just a few ways to maintain your three greatest writing assets:
Maintain your writing productivity: Productivity in this sense refers to your rate of writing production within a set time frame. For example: your writing productivity maybe the highest in the morning when you feel alert after your first cup of coffee, or your writing productivity may be when everyone goes to bed at night. Maintain by doing your work during those times. It’s almost futile to try to force yourself when the productivity piece is missing.

Maintain your writing creativity: Read books on creative writing, take writing classes, listen to others when they speak to get writing ideas, go to a movie and watch how the actors interact, look for ways how you could re-word a statement or a phrase. I do this all the time, it just never ends. You can create your own puzzles or cartoons on doodle paper while waiting for your ride or the bus.

Maintain your writing quality: In order to maintain your writing quality you must learn to expand beyond what you already know. You may be very comfortable with your own writing quality as it is, but what about your writing business? You can maintain by taking grammar classes, writing courses, find books or read literature to expand your vocabulary. You can even buy educational Webinars on the internet.
It’s a fact though, that if we as writers, dwindle in any of the above assets we will surely pay a price. Our loss could come as the loss of a valuable client or missing out on a well-paying creative writing project. As writers it’s our responsibility, and really in our best interest, to maintain a healthy writing attitude by maintaining our three greatest writing assets, which are: productivity, creativity, and writing quality. Some of us can really under nourish our writing assets then try to pull an all-nighter on a paid writing project like we used to back in our college days. It’s not worth the price, so let’s be good to ourselves and maintain our writing assets in a healthy manner.

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