The Snowden Case – What You’re Not Being Told

Most people fall into three main camps:

1.Those who think of him as a hero.

2.Those who think the whole story distraction.

3.Those that think it is a crime.

It’s almost comical watching a bunch of corrupt politicians point fingers and call Snowden a trader. Politicians all of whom are trying to get us into a world war.

The real traders are the shameless Americana’s that violated the constitution over and over and over again.

Which by definition is a real trader and our congress is full of these scum bags as well as the senate and most definitely the White House.

These mass murdering physcopaths who call themselves leaders.

They point fingers at some schmuck who simply told the world about their criminal activities. Seriously … those stupid enough to fall for this crap deserve what’s coming to America.

And for those who think Snowden is a hero you should really be a bit more skeptic as he didn’t release anything we didn’t already know.

People have been talking about domestic spying for at least a decade.

To me it doesn’t really make sense to call him a hero for telling us something we already knew.

Seriously… if you think that I’m exaggerating go to Google and search for NSA domestic spying info from date range between 2002 and 2006.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good that you finally took notice but did you ever think maybe they wanted you to take notice?

Either way it’s better late than never.

But why does the mainstream media cover this story so well, as they have been obsessed over every detail as it unfolds?

One couldn’t help but ask if this story is supposed to distract us from what the right hand is doing by making us think the left hand is doing something big.

Oh…there he is!

He’s over there, under the radar, trying to get a war started in Syria!

First the story broke this past January about negotiations to smuggle Syria gas to the Taliban rebels.

Some believe this was being used in an event that would later allow the US to blame the Syrian government for some kind of gas attack.

This plan had the full support and approval of

Washington as well as Israel. Obama initially said that a red line had been crossed.

Then the UN returned later with a report indicating that it was the rebels who used the gas and a surprising turn of events was that the story wasn’t even so much as a blip on the radar.

It seems to be this would be something citizens as well as the United States and NATO would want to know?

About a month goes by and now we have the French government and the US’s trusted sidekick coming out claiming that it was the Syrian government that used the gas and of course once again we’re back to the red line and he’s criminals.

The US is getting geared up for the next war, make no mistake about it.

But this war isn’t about Syria.

Iran is the real target.

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